The Real Reason Annie Paul Won Silos Baking Competition, According To Zoë François - Exclusive

Summer is the seasonal hub for delicious recipes, as salads, fresh fruit, and all things seafood come to the forefront of restaurant menus — although some would argue that the best part about summer is the treats. There's ice cream, fruity pastries, popsicles, and cold cocktails by the pool, to name a few. Annie Paul, winner of Netflix's special, "Silos Baking Competition," knows all about summer baking, as she took home the $25,000 prize with her Summer Berry Bars. Along with some cash, Paul earned a spot in Joanna and Chip Gaines' Silos Bakery Co. in Waco, Texas.

During an exclusive interview with Mashed, guest judge Zoë François revealed the real reason why Annie Paul won the competition, beating out six other contestants. The pair dove into the behind-the-scenes of "Silos Baking Competition” and named some exciting future projects. François, a pastry chef and baker, even described her criteria behind judging your favorite treats that you see on television. In François' opinion, there's one reason Paul hit it out of the park.

Annie's brown butter base made her dessert unique

When it comes to pastries, Zoë François had a few different things she was looking for. She explained, "One, it had to be exciting to eat. It had to taste great. Great food tastes great. It also had to fit into the Silos Baking Bakery, and it had to be servable and [capable of mass production] and she hit on every single element of it." Annie Paul's Summer Berry Bars included a brown butter base, which sounds nothing short of mouth-watering.

The television personality continued, "She had me at the brown butter base of it because I love the richness and nuttiness that brown butter adds to everything. To combine it with the brightness of the fruit and the streusel, and the cardamom — everything worked together so beautifully." Due to the fact that the dessert is now available in the bakery, Zoë added that it is important to factor in the aesthetic and what fans would want to order. This is your sign to take a trip to Texas and taste Paul's creation for yourself.

"Silos Baking Competition" is available to stream on Discovery+. Head to Zoë's and Annie's Instagram pages to keep up with their current projects.