The Espresso And Juice Drink You'll Be Sipping All Summer Long

Although some consumers prefer classic, tried-and-true black coffee, others are hitting up their local coffee shops to try a new, sometimes wacky, flavor combination. According to Deals on Health, about 150 million Americans consume coffee, which accounts for about half of the United States' population. With such widespread consumption, it's not surprising that customers are looking for new ways to enjoy the popular beverage.

Per Perfect Daily Grind, egg whites, oatmeal, and butter are just some of the untraditional things people put in their cup of joe. Starbucks has also been known for adding flavors to coffee that might have otherwise been overlooked. Some of the chain's most unique Frappuccinos include Mocha Cheesecake, Mango Passion Fruit, Red Berry Yoghurt, Maple Coffee, and Pistachio Bon Bon (per Insider).

This summer, coffee drinkers are switching it up yet again to create a refreshing, caffeine-filled beverage straight from social media's imagination. Though you may want to perform your own taste test to decide if the hype is worth it.

A citrusy blend

The new beverage currently taking coffee houses by storm is an orange juice and espresso mixture. Per The Takeout, the latest craze is traceable to a TikToker named bundaddy. In her post, which was uploaded on March 1, 2022, she implored espresso lovers to try the combination. "I haven't seen one person who likes espresso and orange juice not like them together. You think that you won't, but you will."

According to My Recipes, the beverage has actually been popular in Phoenix, Arizona for quite some time. It's also not totally uncommon for oranges and espresso to mix. In Italy, an orange slice is commonly served alongside coffee to reduce its bitter flavor. Damon Brash, the owner of Nami, a Phoenix coffee shop that's been serving the beverage since 2011, understands why people are turned off by it at first. "People are always a little bit wary when we explain it to them," he says. He usually talks customers into trying it with the promise of a new beverage if they don't enjoy it. "Every time I've done that people have been like, 'Yeah, OK, I'm into it,'" he notes.

If you're interested in trying it, you may also want to grab one of the best espresso makers of 2022 and give this unique flavor a try at home!