TikTok Isn't So Sure About Jamie Oliver's Wild Dressing

Even when celebrity chef Jamie Oliver doesn't end up unintentionally making everyone angry, he still seems to leave them feeling fairly skeptical. When he tried to use his show "Food Revolution" to address health disparities in West Virginia public school lunches, local residents were not thrilled about being told what to eat — and students refused to eat Oliver's healthier meals, leading to increased food waste and staff layoffs (per HuffPost).

In another instance, the chef slaughtered a lamb on the show "Jamie's Great Escape," ostensibly to help viewers gain an understanding and respect for meat-eating traditions (via Campaign Live). However, the scene was potentially more graphic than British television laws allowed, and also left audiences in an uproar as the lamb appeared to still be conscious (via Evening Standard). The chef, whose restaurant empire has begun to collapse, was ultimately cleared of wrongdoing by British regulators.

After watching a recent TikTok video in which Oliver made an infused vinegar dressing, certainly a much lower-stakes situation, fans were left skeptical once again of the British chef's ideas.

Jamie Oliver's dandelion vinegar dressing confuses TikTok

In a TikTok video, chef Jamie Oliver showed fans how to make dandelion dressing, but commenters seemed to be left with more questions than answers. In the short video, the celebrity chef appears to steep fresh-picked dandelions in apple cider vinegar for a month before drizzling the liquid over a salad. However, he provides no narration to explain his recipe, instead, he simply sets the fast-paced video to an electronic music remix.

Commenters seemed divided about Oliver's recipe. "Fantastic idea! Thank you! You're awesome dear," one wrote. Another reply dryly said, "Interesting," with a laugh-cry emoji. One user asked, "What does it do tho?" to which Oliver replied, "Great as a salad dressing or in salsas." Oliver offered more ideas in an Instagram caption, where he wrote, "You've got to trust me on this one! You can use it in salad dressings, in salsas, drizzled over summer berries for a bitter-sweet acidic kick...!"

This isn't the first time Oliver's social media recipes have led to more confusion than celebration. TikTok was not impressed with Oliver's 45-second omelet recipe and after he created a recipe calling for chorizo in Spanish paella, Twitter users descended on the British chef and even sent him death threats (per Independent).