How Your Juicy Secrets Can Win You Free Beer For A Year

People do some pretty out-of-character stuff when under the influence. One woman stole a ferry while intoxicated, another guy lost his license after driving drunk in a Barbie car, and a third man woke up inside of a Los Angeles-bound shipping container with no idea how he got there, per Ranker

Then, there are the people who don't even need to be wasted to do wild things. According to The Travel, American Airlines once had to kick a man off a flight because he "wouldn't stop doing pull-ups," and another guy tore down a house illegally, then was directed by a judge to rebuild it exactly as it had been, complete with a plaque that described what happened.

Now, beer purveyor Blue Moon is rewarding people for their wildest stories, "whether embarrassing, shameless, or just funny to think back on." Those are "the ones worth remembering and rewarding," the company says. However, Blue Moon requires the stories to be "juicy" like its hazy pale ale, Moon Haze. Challenge accepted.

Here's how to submit juicy stories to Blue Moon

The campaign is just in time for National Tell the Truth Day, which is July 7. However, people can submit their juiciest "canfessions" (get it???) from July 7 up until August 4. Submissions can be done via the campaign's site.

Winners will be awarded "free beer for a year," which will come in the form of a prepaid card. (Obviously, only people of legal drinking age can participate in the contest.)

This isn't the only free beer promo going on right now, which is just so appropriate for the summer heat. Natural Light is rewarding people with free beer if they went to a vacation rental under the guise of lots of "natural light," only to find the sunlight variety, rather than the beer. And in 2021, Anheuser-Busch gave away free beer (in the form of a digital gift card) in celebration of the U.S. (nearly) hitting a COVID-19 vaccination goal, reported USA Today. That's one way to incentivize people.