The DIY Popeyes Chicken Bowl That's Taking Instagram By Storm

Popeyes Chicken is used to being a viral internet sensation. The most well-known viral moment had to be in 2019 when the chain's fried chicken sandwich was finally introduced to the masses. Not only did it spark a chicken sandwich Twitter war, someone was tragically stabbed to death attempting to order one of the sought-after sandwiches. The demand was so high after the initial launch that Popeyes even ran out of sandwiches after only 15 days. After this frenzied period of poultry-based uncertainty, Popeyes made the chicken sandwich permanently available on November 3, 2019 (per Thrillist).

Like many other fast-food chains, Popeyes has its fair share of menu hacks. Eat This, Not That! reveals that Popeyes stores packs of its Cajun Sparkle seasoning behind the counter. The seasoning isn't formally on the menu, but is used on the chain's tater tots and can help amp up the flavor of its grilled chicken. One of the most popular hacks is the Popeyes gravy fries. The hack involves ordering cajun fries with a side of homemade gravy. Simply pour the gravy over the fries and enjoy the spicy, gooey, poutine-adjacent creation. If you're looking for another way to shake things up, the newest Popeyes hack puts a healthy-ish spin on the chain's Lousiana-inspired chicken, and it has customers excited.

Make your own spicy buffalo chicken salad bowl

Popeyes released a video on Instagram showing the chicken salad hack. Basically, you order 8-piece nuggets and the Bayou Buffalo sauce. Next, you pick up a salad from your favorite salad restaurant. To create the bowl, slather your nuggets with the tangy sauce and pour it on top of the salad.

Followers were quick to comment on the new creation. "Smart smart. Looks like I gotta eat good for dinner tonight," one said, while another commenter was a bit more cynical, saying "I gotta go to two separate places for my meal?"

Popeyes doesn't currently offer a salad on its menu. The closest thing would be coleslaw, which is probably better off as a side dish. The genius of this hack is that it allows people to get their greens while still enjoying delicious bites of fried chicken. Popeyes rival, Chick-Fil-A, offers three salad choices, though none are topped with fried chicken nuggets covered in Buffalo sauce. However, Chick-Fil-A did have its own viral moment with the nugget salad. This "salad" is made by mixing waffle fries and chicken nuggets in a large salad container topped with your choice of salad dressing.