The Fan-Favorite Frozen Treat That's Finally Coming To Aldi

Ice cream and other frozen treats are quintessential — if not absolutely necessary — summer indulgences, and when it comes to grocery shopping on a budget, which, let's be real, we're all doing these days, Aldi is a great place to visit to purchase some of your favorite frozen goodies.

According to the Aldi website, some of the frozen and ice cream-related products currently available in various locations — not all, and the website points out that as ice cream is a popular summer product, some stores may be sold out — include classic Belmont brand ice cream in traditional flavors like mint chocolate chip, strawberry, and chocolate. Also potentially in a store freezer near you is My/Mo Mochi in various flavors, Sundae Shoppe ice cream cones, and Sundae Shoppe mini ice cream cookie sandwiches in vanilla.

Aldi fan-favorite Instagram account @aldifavoritefinds recently took to the platform to share some of the ice cream products they found this week at their local store, including mermaid and unicorn cones from Sundae Shoppe definitely sure to be a hit among the kiddos and Blue Bell ice cream in strawberry lemonade flavor. Despite how yummy all these great ice cream finds sound, one Redditor found a frozen product at Aldi that may take the cake.

Redditors are loving these Dippin' Dots

Redditor u/labeau30 had a gold find when they came across Dippin' Dots Fruit Pearls in the freezer at their Ithaca, New York Aldi store. They shared a photo of the Dippin' Dots product on the social media platform, which is a combination of fruit and yogurt Dippin' Dots in the wildberries 'n cream flavor, which contains blueberries.

The Dippin' Dots website notes the snack is fairly healthy as it is low in fat, contains no high fructose corn syrup, has lots of Vitamin C, and is gluten-free. "It's a solid nice little refreshing treat. Let me know how you like it!" commented u/labeau30, who also noted the product cost $4.99 at their store.

Other Redditors took to the comments to share their excitement about the product finding its way into Aldi freezers. "I just picked these up too! Excited to try them," wrote u/kjoy001 ,while u/RMS_Desi_Arnaz voiced their thanks for the post, writing, "Good to know! Saw these in today & was in a rush/wasn't sure... gonna go back for them tomorrow."