Read This Before Trying James May's New Asian Gin

James May appears to have led a charmed life. His accomplishments read like a giant bucket list filled with checkmarks. Drive expensive sports cars in exotic places for a living on "Top Gear" and "The Grand Tour"? Check. Travel from Japan's northernmost tip to its furthest southern point in "James May: Our Man in Japan"? Check. Make giant things from Lego and Plasticine in "Toy Stories"? Check again. Host a cooking show and write a cookbook both titled "Oh Cook!"? Been there and done that as well. Yes, when something tickles James May's fancy, he doesn't just give it the old college try; he immerses himself completely and turns his new passion into a documented series. 

And throughout all of his adventures, his passion for alcoholic beverages has been evident. When May and fellow "Top Gear" alum Jeremy Clarkson made their chilly drive across the Canadian Arctic to the Magnetic North Pole, they drank classic gin and tonics to keep warm (via The Guardian). During "Oh Cook!," he prepared novice recipes for viewers to try out while glugging "his way through various wines and beers in the kitchen" (via the Mirror). And, while in Japan, he sang Karaoke after a few "limbering up" drinks of booze. Yes, James May has an appreciation for beer, spirits, and wine. 

Will he be able to check this interest off his bucket list in a splashy way, too? It would appear that the answer is yes.

James May's gin is heading to the United States

The man who once managed to win a cook-off against Gordon Ramsay — he really has done it all, hasn't he? — has found the perfect way to explore his interest in alcoholic beverages. He has crafted his own original gin and aptly named it James Gin.

So, what sets this gin apart from those created by Beefeater, Tanqueray, or Gordon's? The Craft Gin Club explains that May's offering contains "authentic parsnips notes" complimented by "spice flavors from India and Southeast Asia" added to the requisite juniper base common to all gins. May himself adds that Asian parsnip makes his gin "uniquer than most" and that this creation will hopefully fulfill his "rabid desire for world domination through gin" (via James Gin's official website). With his first batch completely sold out and another taking pre-orders in the U.K., he's now set his sights on the U.S. He recently announced the release of an American first edition offering on his Instagram feed.

Whether you are a fan of James May or simply love gin, you can keep your eyes on James Gin's website for product availability. In the meantime, one can only wonder what Mr. May's next bucket list item will be or how he will go about tackling it. But one thing is certain: the public can't wait.