The Best Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Hack, According To An Employee

When Taco Bell brought Mexican Pizza back in early 2022 after discounting it two years earlier, fans of the restaurant reacted in a way the company never could have predicted. The chain known for challenging its customers to "Live Mas" planned to record a musical starring Dolly Parton and Doja Cat to advertise Mexican Pizza's return (per Food and Wine), but the menu item didn't seem to need the star power to sell. According to The Street, Taco Bell was completely unprepared for the amount of people desperate to get their hands on a refried-beans topped tortilla pizza. Mexican Pizza sold out in multiple Taco Bell locations within weeks of its initial return, per USA Today.

After forcing Taco Bell to regroup and figure out a second launch date for the reinstatement of the popular menu item, Mexican Pizza's fan following proved that they can't get enough of the beloved Taco Bell meal's tasty flavor. But, according to a Taco Bell employee, there may be a way to make this fan-favorite Taco Bell item taste even more delicious.

White Hot Ranch may be the key to leveling up your Mexican Pizza

A Taco Bell employee revealed their secret to adding unforgettable flavor to Mexican Pizza in the r/LiveMas Reddit forum. U/timwuzhere posted a picture of a Mexican Pizza they topped off with Taco Bell's White Hot Ranch sauce, which has been used as the core ingredient in other products of the chain like the limited edition Steak White Hot Ranch Fries that appeared on Taco Bell's menu in April 2022. The sauce, which is made with ghost peppers, has a significantly spicy kick to it.

The employee's new take on Mexican Pizza, however, had Redditors divided. Some users were completely on board with combining White Hot Ranch and Mexican Pizza. One user reacted, "Please shovel this directly in to my mouth." Other Redditors didn't not seem like they were convinced the Taco Bell employee's tip was a good idea. One user was concerned with the unusual appearance of the pizza, writing, "That looks like a tumor." 

As is the case with most food hacks, it seems Taco Bell fans will have to try the pairing for themselves to determine whether or not it will become their go-to way to chow down on Mexican Pizza.