So Delicious Is Giving Away Free Ice Cream, Heres How To Get Some

There is nothing better than enjoying a tasty, dripping ice cream cone on a warm summer day. With National Ice Cream Day approaching, many frozen dessert lovers are gearing up by buying chopped nuts, maraschino cherries, and hot fudge in honor of one of America's most loved desserts. With all the different ice cream flavors out there, the only question is which one (or two) will you pick for the highly anticipated occasion?

Now if you're dairy-free, National Ice Cream Day may have been an event that used to pass through your calendar without acknowledgment, but not anymore. Times are changing and you're in luck since dairy alternatives are on the rise. According to New Food Magazine, the increased interest in plant-based products has grown since 2020, even for non-vegetarians, and the industry is speculated to be worth $40.6 billion by 2026.

With this news, it comes as no surprise that the popular dairy-free brand, So Delicious, has released an epic giveaway for all those ice cream lovers that just can't hang with dairy but want ice cream that tastes like it. While some dairy-free ice creams are better than others, So Delicious has recently released its new Wondermilk varieties that were constructed by the plant-based company to mirror the flavor profile of real cow's milk (via vegconomist). With a creamy makeup of coconut oil, rice starch, and pea protein (plus additional ingredients), this is one giveaway you may want to consider, with or without dairy in your diet.

You can win free ice cream for an entire year

So Delicious posted the details of their National Ice Cream Day giveaway on Instagram and reaped massive attention already from hundreds of entries. The Wondermilk Sundae Social Giveaway, as the brand calls it, began today and Instagram users have a chance to enter up until midnight on July 17 (National Ice Cream Day).

To enter, simply comment on the giveaway post with the flavor of Wondermilk you're dying to try, mention a friend, and use the hashtag "sweepstakes." Then sit back and wait to see if you'll be among the 10 winners enjoying a year's worth (or according to the sweepstakes rules 53 coupons worth) of free Wondermilk ice cream. 

When So Delicious posted its Wondermilk flavors on Instagram last month, users made it clear that this new ice cream is a product worth trying. One stated "The best ice cream I've ever had I need more" and others claimed they had to drive to multiple stores to find their preferred flavor of choice.

While certain ice cream chains like Baskin Robbins are dropping new dairy-free ice cream options, you'll have the opportunity to test multiple kinds of dairy-free alternatives before choosing a favorite. Whether you jump on the dairy-free train or stay on the lactose bus, it can't hurt to enter a sweepstakes that can help stock your freezer for National Ice Cream day.