Instagram Is Shedding Tears Over Popeyes' 50th Anniversary 'Film'

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is celebrating its 50th anniversary and wants everyone to celebrate with it. In addition to re-releasing some of its best-loved archived menu items, like Cajun rice, and rolling back menu prices for its 50th birthday, Popeyes has released a short film celebrating the milestone.

The chicken chain's short film, titled "50 Years of Love," explores five different married couples who have made it to their "golden," or 50th, anniversaries, just like Popeyes. Whether or not those couples are huge fans who could rank every Popeyes menu item from worst to best and spend hours searching for the perfect copycat Popeyes rice and beans recipe isn't mentioned, so the company gets kudos for keeping the focus on relationships only. While some might initially balk at comparing 50 years of fast food success to 50 years of love and compromise, many viewers are finding the commercial to be so heartwarming that it's hard to keep a dry eye while watching.

The ad celebrates the small number of couples whose relationships surpass 50 years

The YouTube comments on Popeyes' "50 Years of Love" ad include messages of congratulations and support for the lovebirds, who compose the just 6% of couples whose marriage surpasses the 50-year mark (via U.S. Census Bureau). These pairs' sweet stories range widely: One is a same-sex couple who committed their lives to each other decades before the Supreme Court said they could (via History). Others shared the secrets to a long marriage, such as humor and forgiveness.

If all that doesn't get you in your feelings, then the comments on Popeyes' Instagram post about the ad just might inspire you to explore your emotions. "Crying," one user wrote, while another posted, "What a sweet message!! 50 years and your chicken still is the best!" Meanwhile, a YouTuber gave a shout-out to her family members featured in the ad: "Claudia and Tom are my family. 50 years; what an accomplishment." On the whole, if you're having a sad day and looking to cheer up, this commercial might do the trick.