29% Of Survey Respondents Said This Is The Worst Sandwich At Potbelly

Potbelly started out with a single location in Chicago's Lincoln Park. But several decades later, the sandwich shop boasts nearly 500 locations across the United States. According to the Potbelly website, more than 400 of those locations have popped up just since 2002 — talk about a growth spurt!

Although the chain also offers salads, soups, mac and cheese, cookies, and milkshakes, let's be real, it's all about the sandwiches. Options range from classics like grilled cheese, tuna salad, and chicken club, to more creative takes like the pizza melt, avocado and turkey, and Mama's Meatball. Potbelly's secret menu offers a few more sandwich options, one being a combination of two sandwiches from the regular menu.

However, like with all other restaurants, not every menu item is a big hit with customers. Mashed asked readers which Potbelly sandwiches they liked the least, and, well, the results are pretty clear. 

Potbelly customers don't love the tuna salad sandwich

More than 500 Mashed readers sounded off on their least-favorite sandwich from Potbelly. A startling 29% of respondents said that Potbelly's tuna salad sandwich is the worst. This is pretty wild when you consider how this same sandwich ranked very high among chain sandwich tuna subs. Even Serious Eats, which ranked the tuna salad sandwich somewhere in the middle of Potbelly's offerings, said it was still good, just "not great."

The tuna salad sandwich was followed by the veggie melt and PB&J sandwiches (with 25.7% and 24.7% respectively). Sorry, not sorry, but grilled PB&J is kinda weird — no wonder the chain discontinued it. Potbelly's Mediterranean sandwich was voted worst by 11.8% of respondents, and Italian by 8.8%.

On a more positive note, the Wreck sandwich seems to be Potbelly's most popular, with Restaurant Clicks describing it as having "an almost cult-like following." Countless other reviews praise the sandwich. Anyone else feeling hungry?