National Ice Cream Day 2022: Where To Get The Best Food Freebies And Deals

Is there a better month than July for the celebration of National Ice Cream Day? As temperatures continue to rise, the need for this cool treat becomes clear, and what's better than a good excuse to indulge in some ice cream? The origins of National Ice Cream Day began in 1984 with President Ronald Reagan, per IDFA. It always falls on the third Sunday in July, which puts it on July 17 this year. Reagan suggested that the day be celebrated with "appropriate ceremonies and activities," and that's exactly what some companies are planning on you to do.

Much like freebies on National Donut Day, tons of businesses are offering deals that are as sweet as ice cream itself. So whether you enjoy old-fashioned vanilla and chocolate (the first and second most popular flavors in America as of July 2020, per YouGov), or you'd rather grab a scoop of mint chocolate or butter pecan, you'll find no shortage of ice cream savings this Sunday.

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen will be offering $1 off Sunday when you use the mobile app to order a dipped ice cream cone, per the company's official website. This offer doesn't extend to children's cones, per People. The list of creamy treats includes the Chocolate Dipped Cone and a new Fruity Blast Dipped Cone with cereal-flavored coating. While her Royal Ice-ness probably wants people focused on cones, you can also check out some secrets Dairy Queen doesn't want you to know.

Dippin' Dots

Dippin' Dots is apparently set on redefining "free time." Specifically, there's a two-hour period on July 17, when mini cups of ice cream will be free, according to the company's website. In order to receive this sweet deal, customers must call your local Dippin' Dots to find out what times the offer will be available. 

A mini portion of ice cream that's only free during a mini portion of the day might sound like a lot of smallness. But what would you expect for ice cream beads that were created by microbiologist Curt Jones in the1980s (via Serious Eats)? Jones worked in cryogenics when he decided to use the same technology he was using on animal food to create novelty ice cream. Here's more about how Dippin' Dots are made.


According to a Baskin-Robbins news release, the brand will be offering $5 off your purchase when you spend at least $15. The deal will stretch from National Ice Cream Day itself (July 17) to July 23. On top of free ice cream, Baskin-Robbins is rolling out a limited edition flavor for the month of July. OREO® S'mores* Ice Cream is marshmallow and graham flavored with cookie pieces and chocolate swirls. 

Online customers can use the code BECOOLER to activate the deal. A number of Instagram users say they have already had a taste of the new flavor, and their responses might be described as extremely brief love notes punctuated by hearts. Meanwhile, others are eager to know what that love tastes like.


Per People, Carvel will be hosting a buy one, get one free deal for any small cup or cone of ice cream. This offer will people the chance to try its new Brookie Flavor, described by Carvel's website as brownie batter and Nestlé Tollhouse cookie dough mix. Carvel bills itself as both the "America's first ice cream franchise" on its site, but the company is also known for cake. And we have a hunch that it would be happy to have people celebrate ice cream with the aid of cakey sweetness as well.

Cold Stone Creamery

From July 17 to July 21, Cold Stone Creamery customers who place an order worth at least $20 will get $4 knocked off the price, according to a press release published by PR Newswire. To receive the deal, you must download the app and become a My Cold Stone Club Member. Additionally, if you order online from July 15 to July 17, you'll receive free delivery. 

Wanna know about another deal that overlaps with National Ice Cream Day? Since July is also National Ice Cream Month, customers who pick up a $25 gift card during this time period will be awarded a $5 bonus card. And just in time for the holiday, Cold Stone Creamery began a new game collaboration that touts Nintendo-themed ice cream flavors and the chance to win such prizes as gift cards, games, and Nintendo Switches.

Insomnia Cookies

When you think of Insomnia Cookies you probably think of ... well, cookies. But the brand recently began offering a new line of ice cream called Cookies IN Ice Cream, per PR Newswire. Between now and July 17, you can receive a free scoop of ice cream with any in-store or delivery purchase. Fans of the brand might see that as an opportunity to test out the new flavors like Caramellionaire, Dreamweaver, Moon Tracks, and many more. Instagram users responded to news of the offer with likes, love in the form of heart emojis, and enthusiasm. Sounds like ice cream-loving insomniacs won't sleep on this freebie.

Your Pie

While Your Pie is known for pizza, it will be offering its Italian Gelato for free at every location on July 17, according to Today. The website for Your Pie describes its gelato as decadent and rich using "milk instead of cream," unlike traditional ice cream. And while ice cream tends to go well with sweet pies, the chain, clearly the company wants your pie of choice to be one of its many signature pizzas, whether it's The Lineage, The Nat, or Southern Heat. However, depending on where you live, it won't be easy to snag this deal. According to the Your Pie site, the chain currently has more than 75 locations spread across 18 states.


Knock-knock. Who's there? DoorDash, which you should have been expecting if you got the knock. And if you love Unilever ice cream brands such as Ben & Jerry's, Breyers, Talenti, and Magnum, you're in luck if you get that knock for National Ice Cream Day (via Food Network). Those who buy any of these ice creams through DoorDash on July 16 and 17, will $5 melt away from their order like ice cream in July. The stipulations? They're pretty much the same as when the deal was offered last year (via The ice cream must be ordered through The Ice Cream Shop and the promo code ICECREAM5 must be added at checkout. 

Ace Hardware

While paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore declared October Mist the "color of the year 2022," that doesn't mean you have to wait until October to start painting. In fact, Ace Hardware will reward customers who don't delay. Per PR Newswire, 37% of Ace Hardware customers say painting is too much of a hassle because of the mess it makes. Another 40% apparently have schedules that are too packed to make room for painting. This leads many homeowners to say, "I'll get to it someday." 

That's why Ace Hardware is declaring July 16 "Some Day." The company plans to encourage customers to address their house-painting needs, and if they do, they'll have the chance to paint their tongues the color of July ice cream with free Benjamin Moore paint-inspired scoops on National Ice Cream Day.