Redditors Are Torn Over Top Chef's Dessert Addition

While there are many shows dedicated to baking, "Top Chef" heavily focuses on savory cooking. Even so, there is often at least one dessert challenge thrown at the competitors during a season to shake things up. There has been some spectacular dessert fails on the show over the years, like Marcel Vigneron's pork ice cream and Ariane Durate's neon-yellow lemon curd (via Thrillist). To avoid massive failures like these, "Top Chef" Season 19 Winner Buddha Lo told Mashed why he thinks all chefs should learn pastry. Lo explained to Mashed that he would rather hire a chef with pastry experience because it makes them more well-rounded.

He also added that two of his competitors went home because of desserts, which could have been avoided if they practiced more sweet dishes. Although this makes dessert sound like the villain of the show, according to E News, the most common food category that sends chefs home is actually seafood. Despite this realization, some Redditors think that the show should get rid of the dessert challenges altogether.

Some Redditors want the dessert challenges off the table

The r/TopChef subreddit has over 30,000 members, where fans can analyze and debate different aspects of the show. It's no surprise that many "Top Chef" contestants' worst fear in the competition, dessert, is a hot topic on this page. One Redditor started a thread asking if anyone agreed that dessert should not be part of the show, and there were mixed reactions. "I think if you are Top Chef quality you should be able to have a dessert recipe [sp] or 2 up your sleeve," replied one Redditor. "I like the desserts because they unnerve the chefs so thoroughly. It is a great way to see them still using their skills, but outside their wheelhouse," said another.

Other users, however, agreed with the original poster and want desserts to be removed from the show. "There are so many competition shows for top bakers/pastry specialists, desserts only. Why isn't that enough," one asked. "I feel like they should change their approach...maybe an amazing dessert can give you the edge to win but you shouldn't be sent home for one (unless it's truly awful)," shared one commenter. Several Redditors on the thread made the point that dessert is fair game because it's another way for chefs to show they can balance flavors and show off creativity. After all, the show is "Top Chef," and that title can encompass all cooking realms.