How You Can Write Sour Punch's New Jingle

If you're looking for another reason to chow down on the best (and worst) sour candies stashed in your pantry, you're in luck, since July 18 is National Sour Candy Day. If you're a sweets connoisseur, choosing between Sour Patch Kids and Sour Punch may feel like an impossible feat, but when you hear about the giveaway Sour Punch is cooking up for this sugar-crazed holiday, the choice may be easier.

On July 6, Sour Punch posted on Instagram that the brand would be hosting weekly giveaways, including a Victrola turntable and a Marshall Speaker Mini Fridge, in honor of the zestful celebration — followed by some hints as to where this party was heading. Then Monday, Mark McGrath, lead singer of the famous 90s rock band Sugar Ray, announced how to win the candy company's latest giveaway: a supremely unique 2021 USA Gibson Les Paul guitar (via Instagram). Needless to say, you may want to warm up your vocals.

Sour Punch offers a Les Paul guitar in exchange for a new jingle

You may want to drink some tea or practice those scales to warm up your singing voice, Sour Punch is offering quite the prize for creating their new jingle in honor of National Sour Candy Day. If you can write the best 15- to 30-second jingle for Sour Punch, you can win a 2021 USA Gibson Les Paul Standard 60's with AAA flame top guitar, as well as an orange TremLord 30 1x12-inch 30-watt combo amp with spring reverb and tremolo (via Instagram). Yeah, that's quite the prize. Entries must be submitted by July 29 in audio or video file format (per Sour Punch).

Even if you aren't their top choice, the sour candy brand is giving five runner-up contestants $100 gift cards for concert venue operator Live Nation. You'll also be happy to know, that even if you don't win any of these amazing prizes, Sour Punch is giving away some awesome rock-focused prizes until August 5, so you still have more chances to try your luck. At the very least, you can celebrate National Sour Candy Day with some nostalgia-packed Sour Punch Grape Straws, returning just in time for summer.