Salt Bae's UK Restaurant Just Got A Huge Ego Check

For some people, a perfectly seasoned steak can be the ultimate indulgence. While Salt Bae might have parlayed his unique seasoning style into internet infamy, the Turkish butcher, chef, and restaurateur does not shy away from controversy. From the overly extravagant 24 karat gold encrusted tomahawk steak to allegations from Salt Bae's employees over unpaid bills, sometimes there are a few extra salty adjectives used to describe both him and his food.

When Nusr-Et Steakhouse London opened, the reviews were polarizing. As LADbible reported, some diners were aghast at the high prices and others were appalled at the lack of service. In direct contrast, others dismissed that sprinkling of negativity and gushed over the flavorful meat and unique dining experience. The London response seemed to mimic the reactions to his New York restaurant opening – GrubStreet reported that food critics largely panned the food. Still, the over-seasoned meat can appeal to the diner who wants to be in the know, empty the wallet, and be part of the trendy dining world. Even if curiosity killed the cat, that desire to take the first bite continues to bring people to the table. According to a recent ranking for Salt Bae's UK restaurant, sometimes even a negative culinary distinction can create an insatiable appetite that cannot be resisted (via New Zealand Herald).

Will Salt Bae's newest restaurant distinction really change diners' minds?

When deciding on a restaurant, diners often do more than just walk in and sit at a table. A restaurant review site can pique people's interest in a particular flavor or unique dish. However, not all reviews are positive and the Salt Bae's UK restaurant has found itself with a peculiar award. According to the New Zealand Herald, Nusr-Et Steakhouse London is ranked one of the city's worst restaurants by TripAdvisor reviewers. Placing second to last in all reviewed steakhouses and receiving an overall 2.5 from the 162 reviews, the diners seemed to have vastly different experiences.

While a diner's commentary might seek to bring 15 minutes of fame with those briny words, the Salt Bae dining experience continues to bring flavor to the restaurant world one steak at a time. As seen in the TripAdvisor comments, the negative commentary comes with specific examples that formulated their opinion, while some positive reviews come from less experienced accounts. Still, there seems to be no middle ground. Even though the reactions are polarizing, they can make some people want to experience that meal. Descriptions like good, bad, over-seasoned, or opulent entice people into the mystical Salt Bae flavor and some may book a table just to see why Nusr-Et Steakhouse London has received such bad reviews. Even if the heaping serving of negativity might be an ego check, it could also be a boost to the bottom line.