The New Flavor Pepsi Is Calling An 'Unstoppable Trend'

Summer and snacking seem to go hand in hand, with healthy homemade snacks, campfire s'mores, ice cream by the pool, and sipping iced cold tea at backyard gatherings. However, it might surprise you to learn we actually snack more in the winter, according to Vitality Magazine. But that doesn't mean we don't love snacks just as much during the middle of the year. According to Convenience Store News, snacking in the summer is just as "essential." The outlet noted that Frito-Lay's 2021 U.S. Snack Index revealed 80% of consumers say snacks are a staple. 

We agree and so do those who buy them. Reddit loves the road trip snack of Clancy's Cheesy Popcorn. And if you're a Trader Joe's shopper, you may be among those who are all about a snack they say is like spicy Froot Loops. But if you're curious about the hot new trend in snack foods and drinks, PepsiCo's Chief Executive Officer Ramon Laguarta recently discussed what flavor of drink has become an "unstoppable trend."

No sugar is so in right now

PepsiCo's Chief Executive Officer Ramon Laguarta recently shared that consumers are shunning sugary drinks for non-sugar drinks (per Food Business News). The PepsiCo CEO said on an analyst call that non-sugar drinks are growing three times faster than sugary drinks. Laguarta added, "If you go more (to) developed markets around the world like Western Europe, the categories are pivoting very quickly to non-sugar ... So clearly, in beverages, non-sugar is king."

This doesn't seem to be hyperbole either. Allied Market Research shared in a press release that based on their analysis, the worldwide, sugar-free, carbonated beverage industry was worth a whopping $125.3 billion in 2020. That number is expected to swell to $243.5 billion by 2030. Based on their research, Allied Market also believes this trend is here to stay with desires to eat healthier being the key driver for the demand of non-sugar beverages. Laguarta cited his company's Gatorade Zero as an example of this trend and its $1.5 billion in profits since it was introduced, saying, "Every brand has a non-sugar leg that is going to be the focus leg for the brand in the foreseeable future."