McAlister's Free Tea Day Is Back Again And Fans Can't Wait

There's probably only one product at McAlister's Deli that is as beloved as its distinctively unique club sandwich, and that's its tea. According to QSR Magazine, the chain, which was founded in Mississippi in 1999, originally brought sweet tea to its menu because so many people in the South enjoy sipping on the drink year-round. Though its Famous Sweet Tea was the first tea the chain offered, the company has since expanded to selling a wide array of tea types, such as lemonade teas and teas with flavor shots. The taste of McAlister's teas has not only earned the chain national recognition, but a Creamalicious ice cream flavor inspired by its Famous Sweet Tea flavor.

However, McAlister's knows how to give back to the many tea fanatics who put the "Famous" in its "Famous Sweet Tea." Every year, the brand holds the Sweet Sips Tea Fest, a celebration of all things tea, during the summer. The festivities are full of exclusive tea deals and limited edition tea flavors, but tea fans know that one of the events stands out against the rest. McAlister's Free Tea Day is just around the corner and fanatics of the drink can't contain their excitement.

Fans are eagerly gearing up for McAlister's Free Tea Day

While companies like Raising Canes will usually have tea deals on National Iced Tea Day, McAlister's has created its own holiday for a promotion as sweet as its tea. The chain treats its fans to free tea every July, and according to an Instagram post made by the company, this year's McAlister's Free Tea Day will fall on July 21.

Fans across McAlister's Instagram expressed their anticipation for the holiday. As one user wrote under a post by McAlister's counting down to Free Tea Day, "Best day of the year! 🤩🥳😍."

But while tea lovers may not be able to hold back their glee for the holiday, there are a few rules that they need to know before running to McAlister's to claim a free cup of their favorite beverage. According to McAllister's, those who go in person to get in on the Free Tea Day fun will only be allowed to sip on one free tea. However, fans looking to score free tea on the app or the brand's website can order up to 4 teas at one time. The company also noted that tea fanatics will be able to choose a free 32-ounce drink from "sweet tea, unsweet tea, tea/lemonade, half sweet/half unsweet," or "teas with flavored shots." With these details in mind, tea lovers can confidently celebrate what may just be their favorite time of year.