Denny's Has Good News For Fans Of Its Big Breakfast Meals

Ah, Denny's. The classic chain is synonymous with big breakfasts and low prices. The first Denny's opened in 1953 in Lakewood, California (via Denny's), only back then, it wasn't calling itself Denny's. Almost 70 years ago, what's today "America's diner" opened as Danny's Donuts. The menu may have been radically different, but the hours weren't. Denny's founders Harold Butler and Richard Jezak changed the name to Danny's Coffee Shops in 1956, and changed their hours to the restaurant's current hours. An expanded menu followed in 1959, by which time, Butler and Jezak had built the brand up to 20 locations in the Los Angeles area (via Reader's Digest).

The chain's iconic Grand Slam breakfast premiered 18 years later in 1977. The dish originally made its debut to celebrate baseball legend Hank Aaron breaking Babe Ruth's home run record (via The New York Times and National Baseball Hall of Fame). At its 1970s inception, the breakfast plate cost $1.99 (via KCET) — that would work out to just under $10 today if adjusted for inflation (via US Inflation Calculator). So even with inflation, the price has remained pretty much the same. And the chain has even better news for fans of big breakfasts.

Grand Slams, Slam Dunks, and Super Slams

For a limited time, Denny's is bringing back an even better deal: the Super Slam for only $6.99 (yes, really). However, the meal may cost $8.99 in some markets. The meal includes two buttermilk pancakes, two sausages, two strips of bacon, two eggs any style, and hash browns (via Denny's) — and is about enough to feed a good portion of a baseball team.

Not unlike the chain's original Grand Slam, this latest Denny's special honors another athlete: Fran Belibi, an NCAA women's basketball champion (via Chew Boom). Belibi, a junior forward at Stanford University, is one of eight other female basketball champions who have made a slam dunk during a college-level game. Pretty impressive, and Denny's thinks so too. As part of their "Super Slam Fran" promotion, they'll be donating $25,000 to a women's sports charity in addition to naming a meal after Belibi's achievement (per Chew Boom). You can celebrate Belibi's slam with one of your own at Denny's for a limited time.