Why Trader Joe's New Olive Oil Offering Has Shoppers Confused

Those who frequent Trader Joe's are aware of its uniqueness when compared to typical grocery stores. This is mostly because its business model focuses on private label goods, according to Business Model Analyst. These items make up more than 80% of its stock, which gives the company many advantages. For one, it's able to provide savings for shoppers by reducing costs, and it also makes it easier to quality-check products.

To be honest though, the store outsources products from generic and well-known brands, per SFGATE. Grocery retailing expert Phil Lempert explains the process behind private brands. "There are companies out there that make only store-brand products," he said. "It's not as if we can assume Skippy peanut butter is making the Trader Joe's peanut butter. It could be, or it could not be." With that being said, if a Trader Joe's food tastes the same as name brand one, there's a chance the foods are actually the same. Interestingly, one product from the store confused many Instagrammers on a post recently. Mainly because the item doesn't look like what it actually is.

It looks like a seltzer

On July 21, Instagrammer @traderjoeslist posted a new product called Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The poster said that they find the olive oil delicious and that they "love that it is single origin and cold pressed." They continued, "See the "PDO" on the label? This means the entire production cycle of the olive oil — from picking the olives to the final olive oil you see here ... is carried out in a specific territory, in this case Greece."

Although the original poster went in-depth explaining the product, commenters were still confused by the image, claiming it looked like seltzer. One Instagrammer said, "Why did I think this was a new beverage? And I was excited." Another thought it might have been of the alcoholic variety, posting "I thought it was a new hard seltzer." Someone else who commented went in a whole different direction, "Thought this was an energy drink lol." Though this product might not have been a new seltzer, fans of the beverage can rest easy knowing that White Claw is continuing to add twists to its products.