Twitter Is Cracking Up Over Michael Symon's 'Strong Suit'

Celebrity chef Michael Symon has been dazzling audiences for decades on and off the screen. Whether demonstrating his abilities during one of his many appearances on Food Network or through the food served at restaurants such as the newly expanded Mabel's BBQ, his talent for food is undeniable. However, who knew he also had a comedic side as well? It was on full display recently on Twitter.

It began with one user's tweet to Food Network's "Beachside Brawl" reality star Tiffani Faison. After the user described watching highlights of athletes attempting to chug beers, he asked Tiffani who she thought would struggle more in a chugging contest between Symonn and his friend Bobby Flay. In the user's tweet, he assumed that Flay would "struggle" and Symon would crush it. The tweet caught Symon's attention, and he responded in a way that had his fans cracking up and posting a slew of fun responses.

The chugging champion

In a recent tweet, celebrity chef Michael Symon jokingly responded to the fan's question about his ability to out-chug Bobby Flay in a beer drinking challenge. In his tongue-in-cheek response, he tweeted, "I am a very good beer chugger.. I wouldn't label it a superpower..but it is a strong"

After fans caught wind of his tweet, they had a few thoughts of their own to share. One person challenged him to a battle, saying, "Alright, chef. Any time anywhere, bring it on." The tweet was accompanied by a GIF of Morpheus from "The Matrix," signaling his opponent to come to him. Another user jokingly said it's a regional ability, stating, "That's a NW Ohio trait. I have it too." Michael received another request to duke it out with one user saying, "Alright, Chef... challenge for Cleveland's best?"

With as much stir as this tweet caused, it would be a fun turn of events to see close friends Flay and Symon do the challenge on a one-time reprise of "Throwdown with Michael Symon."