Tubi Is Giving Gordon Ramsay Fans An All-You-Can-Watch Buffet

Gordon Ramsay first entered the world of television in 1998, and fans have been intrigued and slightly scared by the chef's aggressive demeanor ever since. The chef's first appearance on TV was in a miniseries called "Ramsay's Boiling Point," which documented the opening of his namesake restaurant in London, per TVSA. According to TV Tropes, Ramsay used a lot of explicit language and yelled since the very beginning, but he seems to have calmed down in recent years.

The chef shows his softer side on "MasterChef Junior," where he mentors young chefs to express their creativity through food, per Deadline. Even with the adult contestants on "MasterChef," the notoriously harsh chef seems to be more focused on mentoring and less on yelling. If you've been watching Ramsay's shows over the years, it's clear that he has evolved from a stereotypical angry chef to someone that audiences can relate and look up to. 

Since he is such an icon in the food and entertainment worlds, it's no surprise that streaming service Tubi is partnering with him in a big way.

Binge all of your favorite Gordon Ramsay shows on Tubi

Nowadays when you're looking to watch a show, you usually have to Google which streaming service it's on and hope that you already have it. Those looking for Gordon Ramsay content, however, are about to have it a lot easier. 

Fox recently announced that Gordon Ramsay will have his own "FAST" (Free Ad-Supported TV) channel on Tubi, per Deadline. According to the outlet, the celebrity chef has been working with Fox for over 16 years, and all of their collaborations resulted in a huge announcement last year.

Fox acquired Ramsay's production company, Studio Ramsay Global, in August 2021, so any show that Ramsay stars in from now on, his company also produces it. As of right now, the Tubi channel features classic Ramsay shows like "Hell's Kitchen," "Kitchen Nightmares," and "MasterChef," and more shows will be added soon. In September, "Ramsay's Best Restaurant," "Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course, "Ramsay in 10," "Gordon's Great Escape," and "The F Word," will join the channel.