Why Paige Drummond's 'Cowgirl Summer' Made The Pioneer Woman So Proud

People do all kinds of things after they graduate from college. There are those who hit the job boards hot and heavy to start their careers, those who take their educations to venture out on their own businesses, and even those who take some time to evaluate their options or devote energies to activities they didn't have the room for during their college years. Paige Drummond, one of the children of Ree Drummond (host of Food Network's The Pioneer Woman), chose to spend her post-graduation months in a way that warmed the heart of her mother.

Paige, who Explore Celeb says is 22 years old, graduated from the University of Arkansas in May (per The Pioneer Woman). In an Instagram post, Paige said her time at Arkansas "went by way too fast" and shared that the campus in Fayetteville became a second home for her. Paige never forgot about her first home, the Oklahoma ranch that is the real home of The Pioneer Woman, as she was completing her education, though. Southern Living says that she took some of her Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sisters to visit the ranch in 2019.

Now that her time at the University of Arkansas is over, Paige returned to the ranch again, albeit without a group of sorority sisters. She even provided a glimpse into what she has been up to since graduation there.

Paige's summer of giving the hands a hand

The Pioneer Woman blog has all the details of how Paige Drummond spent her first summer as a college graduate. In a July 21 Instagram post, Paige posted a picture of herself donning a cowboy hat aside a horse, with a caption of "cowgirl summer." The post also features pictures of cattle and Paige on the job at the Drummond ranch. Her mother Ree Drummond, who took an active role in preparing Paige for college by choosing to home-school her children, commented on the post, stating she was proud of Paige and that her father, Ladd, appreciated Paige's work.

Ree reposted one of Paige's pics on her Instagram, commenting "that's my daughter right there." Paige certainly had no lack of opportunity to cowgirl it up this summer. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the family ranch comprises 433,000 acres in Oklahoma, augmenting Ladd Drummond's net worth. In addition to the cattle, the Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association says the ranch breeds award-winning horses. The OQHA also shares that the ranch has been in the family since 1910, giving Paige a strong heritage of ranch work.

No matter what Paige decides to do with her degree in the future, no one can say that she doesn't pull her weight when she's home on the Drummond ranch. Both Paige and Ree have shared the photographic evidence to prove that.