How Nutella Is Using Its Jars To Celebrate American Breakfasts

Forget brownies, cookies, and cakes. We live in times where Nutella is being slathered onto dessert pizzas and served as a dip for salty potato chips. In fact, even a certain raw bluefin tuna and Nutella combination seems to be making the rounds on TikTok. While we may now be living in a Nutella-on-everything era, this wasn't always the case. 

According to StartupNation, Nutella's versatility was its biggest foe when the spread was first introduced to the U.S. As a result, Nutella started focusing on presenting itself as a breakfast staple. Commercials showed the spread on slices of bread and served alongside bowls of cereal and orange juice. Upon seeing these ads, it was only a matter of time before people began imagining Nutella with other breakfast classics like warm waffles, stacks of pancakes, and toasted bagels.

Following the success of its famous nationwide breakfast tour truck that handed out 5,000 free jars a decade ago, Nutella is back with another promotion that pays homage to the meal it was originally meant to be eaten with. Fans can grab one of 16 limited-edition "Breakfast Across America" jars of Nutella, each featuring a different landmark in the U.S. and the breakfast dish that it's famous for (via PR Newswire).

It's a sweet summer of Nutella-filled breakfast

The "Breakfast Across America" collection features landscapes of 16 different landmarks and a recipe for a breakfast item famous in the region — all with a generous helping of the hazelnut spread of course. The Marketing Director of Nutella released a statement saying, "Nutella is all about breakfast and we hope these regional recipes inspire families to create new special breakfast memories this summer," (via PR Newswire).

Some cities included in the 16-jar promotion are Portland which represents Nutella blueberry pancakes, Napa Valley which comes with an acai bowl recipe, a New York jar honoring the legendary NYC bagel, and New Orleans which represents none other than Nutella-filled beignets. Iconic Nutella and breakfast pairings aside, the collection also celebrates lesser-known American breakfasts like Hawaiian sweet bread and New Mexico empanadas. The limited-edition collection features stellar breakfast items that will reintroduce fans to all the sweet food that Americans like to begin their day with.

Nutella's "Breakfast Across America" jars are available all across the country in 13 oz and 26.5 oz servings which are priced at $4.29 and $7.99, respectively. Fans can glimpse at the entire collection on Nutella's website and find detailed breakfast recipes for each jar there as well. For those who'd like to tour America by eating through each region's iconic breakfast offering, Nutella even lists down the difficulty level for each recipe before you get going.