These Tailgate Inspired Candy Corn Flavors May Surprise You

Some foods are highly polarizing with people either falling in the "I adore it" or the "It should be banished from the planet forever" camps. Liver, lima beans, and black licorice are these types of edibles — or as some would say "inedibles." Pineapple on pizza brings about the heated debate over its flaws and merits. But one of the most divisive foods of all is the tiny tooth-shaped Halloween treat known as the "candy corn." 

On the one hand, an Influenster survey revealed that this yellow, orange, and white confection was the preferred Halloween candy in the highest number of states. But, according to a comprehensive study, candy corn won the top spot as the worst Halloween candy, coming in even more detested than those spongy circus peanut things. Again, no one seems to think it's merely "meh." It's either terrific or terrorizing. 

But what if candy corn took on a whole new flavor, perhaps, a taste that is reminiscent of something completely different? Thanks to a newly released tailgate party-themed offering that boasts some novel candy corn flavors, this revered or reviled treat may win over a new legion of fans. Or not. 

This tailgate collection features hot dog and burger flavored candy corn

Brach's, the candy maven that introduced the world to football-shaped candy corn in chocolate, caramel, and classic flavors has now upped the ante by introducing a collection of tailgate-inspired candy corn offerings. While fruit punch, vanilla ice cream, and popcorn sound like apt flavor choices, the hot dog and hamburger versions of this treat come as an unexpected surprise. After all, candy doesn't often taste like meat. Then again, FoodBeast recollects that this is the same company that released taco truck-based jelly beans that tasted like beef taco. They even once released a Turkey Dinner candy corn medley featuring oddities like green beans, roasted turkey, and stuffing. 

If you're feeling particularly adventurous and want to see what a hot dog/candy corn combination actually tastes like (and kudos to you), the Tailgate candy corn assortment is available now exclusively at Walgreen's. According to their website, they are $3.49 each or two for $6.00. Plus, It's A Southern Thing tells shoppers that Brach's will also re-release their aforementioned Football candy corn and their Autumn mix — a mélange of their classic candy corn, chocolatey harvest corn, and pumpkin-shaped treats — this fall. Is this enough to earn candy corn a few more fans or, even, some "mehs?" The haters likely think not.