Why Ryan Reynolds Wants You To Have A Free Root Beer Float

Actor Ryan Reynolds has been making headlines a lot lately, but not necessarily for the reasons you might think. There was that spicy pepper challenge Reynolds gave Steve-O in a funny new ad that got people talking, and his Aviation Gin Mother's Day ad that was so relatable. It seems like Reynolds has jumped into the world of food advertising feet first. What's next, some sort of celebrity promo tie-in for the upcoming National Root Beer Float Day on August 6?

Actually, that's just what Reynolds has in the cards. He's teaming up with A&W, the root beer brand and fast food chain, to celebrate (via ChewBoom). Starting today, people can sign up for the A&W Mug Club loyalty program at RootBeerFloatDay.com and in return will receive a coupon for a free root beer float, to be redeemed by August 6. A&W's floats feature "A&W® Root Beer made with real cane sugar and a blend of secret ingredients, topped with our creamy vanilla soft serve and served in a frosty mug," according to the company. The chain even makes its root beer fresh on site (via A&W). In return for the coupon, all A&W suggests is that folks make a donation to Disabled American Veterans. It's not necessary but is recommended, and Reynolds is proud to put his name behind the effort.

Reynolds' participation actually makes sense

According to actor Ryan Reynolds, there's a reason why he decided to participate in this year's A&W National Root Beer Float Day promotion (via QSR). "My name commands a lot of attention," the star said in a statement. "I'm just glad I could help put some of that attention where it really belongs...the amazing work of the Disabled Veterans Charity." DAV is a non-profit organization that works to support disabled veterans in a number of ways, from driving veterans to and from doctor's appointments, filing benefits claims, helping with job placement, assisting with Covid-19-related matters, and more.

This isn't Reynolds' first time supporting the military. In 2011, he hosted a special Father's Day screening of "Green Lantern," a movie he starred in, at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar near San Diego in California (via The San Diego Union-Tribune). Per The Red Carpet, he also gave an emotional tribute to his grandfather, commemorating his service in the Canadian Forces, in 2020. Pair that with his statement that A&W has "phenomenal root beer floats," and the collaboration makes total sense.