Crumbl Cookies Just Inspired An Unexpected New Collection

The idea of Crumbl Cookies' releasing a merch collection isn't that groundbreaking — after all, sometimes food brands inspire more than just our taste buds. For example, Dunkin' and Carter's worked together to give coffee lovers a line of Dunkin'-themed T-shirts for the whole family. And Glamlite created a Frosted Flakes influenced makeup set that brought joy to adamant cereal lovers everywhere. Little Caesars even offers a slice of pizza fashion with its clothing line. However, it's the type of merchandise that Crumbl Cookies just launched that may have fans raising their eyebrows.

When cookies come to mind, people typically don't think of the beach. That's not stopping Crumbl Cookies, which has teamed with Kortni Jeane to launch a unique swimwear collection. Kortni Jeane announced its new Crumbl Cookies' swimsuit lineup on Instagram, and while the team-up was unpredictable, it seems to be a real treat for fans. While the collection only launched on Wednesday, it has already taken Instagram by storm.

Crumbl Cookies and Kortni Jean's team up for swimsuit collection

According to Kortni Jeane's website, its swimsuit collaboration with Crumbl Cookies features five different designs: milk (a pure white creme color), sprinkles (a colorful sprinkle-dashed pattern), cookie crumbl (a design influenced by the iconic Crumbl Cookies box), and crumbl pink (a solid swimsuit pattern). With sizes ranging from children's swimsuits to XXL, the companies have ensured the collection has options for cookies fans of all ages and sizes.

Crumbl Cookies also took to its own Instagram to announce the dessert of a summer collection and fans of the cookie company were quick to express their excitement. One person wrote, "I'm buying the swimsuit and rocking it freaking out over the sprinkles." Another posted, "CHECKING THE MERCH STORE ALREADY."

It seems that although there isn't an obvious link between cookies and the beach, Crumbl Cookies lovers are eager to rock their cookie-influenced swimsuits in the sun. Just like the best desserts to make on a summer day, these threads may not last long. Kortni Jeane notes that the lineup will only be available while supplies last.