Frankie Celenza Wants This Chef To Cook Dinner For Him - Exclusive

Frankie Celenza has been teaching the internet to cook since the early days of YouTube. In the years since his channel premiered, he has taken on more projects and expanded to all realms of the internet. His hit show for Tastemade, "Frankie vs. the Internet," pits internet cooks and chefs against each other, making their own versions of viral recipes for the chance to compete against Celenza himself.

The new season of the show premiered on July 20, 2022. It's only natural that in a show such as this that Celenza would be exposed to lots of amazing chefs and their even more amazing food. But we wanted to know — if he could have a meal made for him by any chef, who would it be? In an exclusive interview with Mashed, we asked him exactly that. Celenza, who has a love for good food, picked an incredible chef of world renown.

He'd love a meal from Dominique Crenn

After thinking for just a moment, Frankie Celenza had his answer: "Dominique Crenn." He continued, "She's the only three-star Michelin female chef in America. She's out in San Francisco." Crenn has an impressive résumé behind her, but it is her approach to food, more than her accomplishments, that Celenza admires so much. 

"She's French, but she breaks the rules. I admire that so much because the Italians don't want to break the rules and the French don't want to break the rules. When people at the high level of those cuisines with that heritage do so, it actually changes that very locked-in, 'this is the way it is done' mindset of those historically rich food countries. I know a dinner with her would be great."

"Frankie vs. the Internet" thrives on the premise of breaking the rules, so it's no wonder that Celenza is drawn to Crenn's openness. "It's easy to look at it on the surface and say, 'This is stupid,' and that depends on your age and whatnot, but it's not the case. You can learn from anything."

Frankie Celenza and Tastemade's hit series, "Frankie vs. the Internet," is back for Season 2 and available for streaming on