Dan Levy's Dream Dinner Guest Is The Sweetest Thing You'll Hear Today

At some point, you've likely been asked, "Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?" Your choices can be dead or alive, real or fictional, 3D or cartoon. It's always interesting to see what bizarre and, oftentimes, awkward combinations our seemingly sane friends come up with. Before you pop that question on social media, however, you may want to check out these celebrity responses. 

Valerie Bertinelli's dream dinner guests include Jesus (she says she wants to "pick his brain"), the pontiff, Former "President Obama, and Marilyn Monroe" (via Food Network). Chef Rocco Dispirito offers that his dream dinner by the beach would star the Dalai Lama, Marcus Aurelius, and two master chefs, Ina Garten, and Bobby Flay (via Two 12). Gordon Ramsay told The Mirror his perfect table would seat his "dear old mum," his wife, and the Beckhams, adding that his mother would ensure their conversation stayed on track. 

When Bon Appetit asked Mindy Kaling which "The Office" character she'd choose to have as a dinner guest, she said, "Oscar" as he was a co-founder of The Finer Things Club. On the Rachael Ray Show, Ray shared that she'd have a family reunion with her granddad, Boo her first canine, and she'd love to throw Albert Einstein into the mix too. And Amy Schumer confessed to wanting her hubby, comedienne Rachel Feinstein, and, oddly, Mark Twain (via Bon Appetit). "Schitt's Creek" star, Dan Levy, however, had a particularly heartwarming response to this question.

Dan Levy's dream dinner guest has yet to grow teeth

In a recent Today interview, Dan Levy (the brains behind "The Big Brunch") described his dream dinner as being a barbecued affair starring his famous dad's (Eugene Levy) burgers. Amazingly though, his dream guest lacks both the teeth and ability to eat this fare. His sister and fellow "Schitt's Creek" alum, Sarah Levy, recently gave birth to a baby boy and he has the auspicious honor of being his uncle's dream dinner guest. In recognition of the fact that the newborn isn't yet able to nosh, Levy offers to cook whatever his sister would enjoy, instead. She is, after all, the one with the teeth. 

Named James Eugene Outerbridge in honor of his grandfather, this is the first grandchild for the patriarch of the Levy family (via New York Daily News). And Dan Levy is an uncle for the very first time — an occasion that clearly brings him a great deal of joy. When Sarah posted her baby bump on Instagram, her brother replied, "I'll finally like a baby!" Yes, it would seem that little James has won not just the heart of his Uncle Dan, but also the head of the table at his future dinner parties. Now, if only his teeth would grow in.