Valerie Bertinelli's Dream Dinner Guests Might Surprise You

Dinner parties always seem to be a fun way to get together with friends and dazzle them with the latest recipes you've mastered. But there's something particularly intriguing about finding out how celebrity chefs like to host dinner parties. Better yet, fans might love learning who those chefs would want to gather at their dream dinner party table if they could invite anyone. Perhaps it feels like their answers must be telling or speak to the kind of person they themselves are. Or maybe fans would just like to know if celebrity chefs are intrigued by the same people.

Bobby Flay would want a smattering of historical figures, including Bill Clinton and Bono, among others. Rachael Ray might have named the most endearing list of guests by including her grandpa and first dog as her dream dinner guests. They would even inspire the menu Ray would create if she could host them. But in an interview with Time in 2017, Ina Garten may have listed the most realistic dream guests. She's actually cooked for and eaten with everyone on her list. But what about one of Garten's real-life fans, Valerie Bertinelli?

Valerie Bertinelli thought this answer sounded 'so corny'

Valerie Bertinelli has also described who she would want to gather around the table for her dream dinner. The guests she named are all very notable figures who many people would no doubt love to chat with. They must have some incredible answers to questions anyone would have, too. We would say that the sky was the limit for Bertinelli's list, but it might be more accurate to say "the heavens," or rather "heaven."

Responding to the question of what her dream dinner guest list would be (via the Food Network website), Bertinelli said, "This sounds so corny, but Jesus. I want to pick his brain." At least she admitted that her picks were less-than-original. Bertinelli rounded out her list by adding "Pope Francis, President Obama, Marilyn Monroe. That just sounds like such a weird list, but these are people that I find fascinating." It would be quite an interesting cross-section of people. If only she had also told her fans what she would serve such a power-house crew of folks.