TikTok Is In Shambles After Seeing Gordon Ramsay At A Lamb Farm

One of the greatest gifts from social media may be memes. Whether it's a meme that goes viral from a recent television clip or taking clips from pre-social media days and making it a viral meme, the results are usually quite comedic. Case and point celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey's iconic "lamb sauce" meme. According to Know Your Meme, the meme's origin is based on a scene in a 2006 episode of Ramsay's hit show "Hell's Kitchen." In the scene (via Youtube), Gordon is shown yelling and shouting profanities at chefs in the kitchen and, at one point and yells, "Where is the lamb sauce?" The moment it happened and the face he made saying it was unintentionally comedic.

Since then, the meme of his face with the caption, "Where is the lamb sauce?" has had longevity in the meme world. Being aware of its infamy, Gordon Ramsey gifted TikTok users with a moment that had them in shambles.

Where's the lamb sauce?

TikTok has brought about great videos showing celebrities recreating or referencing old clips from them that have gone viral. Celebrities like Kevin Bacon and Alicia Silverstone recreating moments from their hit films "Footloose" and "Clueless" always seem to invoke a sense of nostalgia that gets fans riled up (via US Weekly). Videos like Gordon Ramsay's reactions to impressions of him definitely entertain the chef's fans on the app.

In a recent TikTok, Gordon Ramsay visits a farm and has an encounter with some lambs where he jokes about eating them. However, the best part was his caption, "the lamb sauce was not found in the making of this video." This sent fans into a frenzy with a wide range of responses.

One user joked, "Don't play with your food Gordon." Another came to the lambs' defense, saying, "Gordon, please leave them alone. Find the lamb sauce, not the lamb." However, some fans were worried about the star, with comments summed up best by a user who said, "Alright, I finally think Gordon has finally lost it. Someone do something before it's too late."