We Finally Know Who Won GBBO: The Professionals For 2022

Part of the fun of watching "The Great British Baking Show" is that the amateur competitors are so lighthearted and make silly mistakes. Although it's entertaining, you can't help but wonder how professional bakers would fare in the challenges. GBBO fans' wishes were granted in 2018 when Season 1 of "Bake Off: The Professionals" premiered (via Apple TV).

The standards are definitely higher on this show, and the judges are a bit harsher (via Hello Magazine). Esteemed pastry chefs Cherish Finden and Benoit Blin pull no punches while judging, but hosts Liam Charles and Stacey Solomon lighten the mood (via Twitter). 

This year was Season 5 of the show and the competition was very intense between the 12 teams of professional bakers. For the final challenge, only three teams of bakers remained to create a Showstopper that captured the essence of a "Day at the Races" (via Yahoo Sports). Only one emerged victorious.

Nathan and Kevin entered the winner's circle

The competitors on every team of "The Great British Bake Off" spin-off "Bake Off: The Professionals" have very impressive pastry experience on their resumes, which makes for an intense and suspenseful competition. Nathan and Kevin are seasoned veterans of the pastry world, working at some of the best restaurants in Paris and London (via National World). Their experience shined in the finale, where they were tasked with creating a "Day at the Races Showstopper," (via Yahoo Sports). The Showstopper had to serve 80 people, have an edible centerpiece, and incorporate chocolate and sugar work.

Nathan and Kevin's centerpiece was a massive tower of croquembouche (cream puffs covered in caramel) topped with galloping horses (via Twitter). The judges praised the pair for their chocolate mousse and said it was "to die for" (via Yahoo Sports). While the judges also enjoyed I Shan and Jojo's design, the quality of their baked goods was not quite on Nathan and Kevin's level. The pair's families were there to celebrate the victory, and Nathan was especially happy that his son was there to see the results of his hard work. "I wanted to show him that if you want to achieve something, if you put dedication, commitment, passion, and love, you can do it," said Nathan (via Twitter).