Rachael Ray's Dog Has Her Own Apartment In The Chef's Italian Villa

Fans of Rachael Ray are typically pretty devoted. In 2019, The Rachael Ray Show posted footage of fans who were even willing to brave a brutal snowstorm to see the cooking mogul live. And true fans do not just follow her shows, but her home life as well, taking particular note of her soft spot for her fur babies.

The first pup Ray shared with fans was her beloved Isaboo. Isaboo's name is a mix of Isabelle and Boo, after her husband John's favorite girl name, and her former pet's name, respectively, and she managed to steal both the spotlight and the hearts of loyal viewers with her frequent mentions and cameos on Ray's show. 

But unfortunately, per an Instagram post, the beloved Isaboo passed away in May of 2020. But the couple quickly adopted a new, rescue dog named Bella from the North Shore Animal League and she's adapted quite nicely to the family dynamic. Though that is not a difficult feat the way Ray seems to spoil her.

Chateau de Bella Boo

In an adorable Instagram post, the Rachael Ray Show shared what it called "Bella's place" located in Rachael's Italian Villa. Not only does Bella get to travel with the chef around the world to places most only ever dream of visiting, but she gets her own apartment while she is there. The video is made to seem like an apartment tour being led by Bella herself showing off a large, sprawling space with a beautiful open kitchen, living room, dining room table, and more. The perfect size for a dog who prefers some running room.

Ray's fan's truly embraced Bella's space, commenting with glowing statements, albeit some humored skepticism over the fact that she has things like "her own stove." Many used descriptions like "cozy and adorable," "special," and "beautiful." Ray gave a sneak peek of her Italian dream home to fans back in 2021, and also explained how her dream became a reality. She even showed off the meaningful mural on her "mura" (wall) which has the pups names inscribed on it (via YouTube). How precious is that?