The Viral TikTok That Will Change The Way You Make Corn

Summer livin' isn't always all it's cracked up to be. School is out, but the kids are bored and driving you up a wall. The days are long — sometimes, they're very, very long. Every once in a while you're not sure you really love summer the way you thought you did. 

Except there's corn on the cob. The corn – white, yellow, bi-color — is so incredibly good. So sweet, with that perfect, strangely juicy-dry crunch (per Food Technology Magazine). And it's everywhere at this time of year: in your supermarket (where signs warn people not to shuck it in-store); at farm stands that seem to crop up everywhere; and, if you're really lucky, on your own property (per The Daily Meal). Summer corn is the stuff that dreams and memories are made of. It provokes a strange nostalgia in most Americans, regardless of region, as they remember happy barbecues where they lost their first tooth while munching on a piece of corn on the cob, corn that was dripping with butter and golden summery goodness (via The Red & Black).

Microwave magic for your corn

Thanks to a viral TikTok video, there may be more of those warm memories coming your way. Because cooking corn on the cob typically isn't as easy as we'd like. Corn doesn't need to be cooked long or with much fuss, but the most common cooking methods are a bit time-consuming. Most people boil, steam, or grill it – all of which require a) pre-shucking and b) waiting, neither of which are our favorite things. Have we mentioned that we like to relax in the summer, and we'd like our corn right now, please? 

TikTok user @meadweaver has popularized a solution that is game-changing, especially if you don't need to make corn for a crowd. You put your corn straight into your microwave (no shucking required) and cook it in there for four minutes (per Simply Recipes). When you take it out, the natural steam process has cooked your corn just enough and also loosened the husks and silk, which will slip right off. Your corn is now good to go — straight into your mouth. With or without a little butter or tajín on top.