The Unexpected Animal That Broke Loose At A Las Vegas In-N-Out

Unless it's a service dog, you typically don't expect to find animals in your local grocery store. It's always funny — yet alarming — when you hear of instances where wild animals are found in places they're not supposed to be. As unusual as it sounds, these stories are abundant for your entertainment.

Per ABC News, the New York Police Department reported that an elephant escaped an animal sanctuary in 2018. The gentle giant was discovered in Westtown; luckily, she only made it across the street before police escorted her back. Another instance of this occurred when penguins made their way into a sushi bar, per RNZ. The penguins came from Wellington Harbour and actually returned to the bar twice.

In Iowa, wildlife officials once warned locals of a mountain lion near downtown Des Moines (via US News). The Animal Rescue League and Blank Park Zoo assisted with the situation. Probably the most interesting occurrence of an animal in a strange place is when an alligator was found in Chicago's Humboldt Park Lagoon, though alligators don't live in Chicago, according to Insider.

Last week, a video was posted on Reddit showing yet another bizarre event of a wild animal in an In-N-Out Burger.

Quit monkeying around!

A TikTok video posted on Reddit sparked quite the conversation when a monkey escaped at a Las Vegas In-N-Out Burger. The video shows a small monkey cowering near a wall before scurrying off after it got loose from somebody's cage. Customers have mixed responses, with some awestruck and others turning the opposite way. The comment section was flooded with concern that the monkey was being unsafely handled.

"The 'owner' of that monkey might've hurt or killed it afterwards sadly," a Redditor wrote. "[The security guards] said they got plate numbers and are sending the info to animal control." Another comment said, "Monkey is freaking out and is probably suffering abuse from the owner and is trying to escape." Of course, some commenters kept it lighter, cracking jokes about the escape. "Lil guy can't order a meal without getting harassed," one said. In the case the monkey was safe, all you can do is wonder if monkeys would enjoy food from the In-N-Out Burger's secret menu.