Why A Chick-Fil-A Sign Has Reddit Making Monty Python References

For fast food restaurants to stay relevant, they not only need to stay on trend with their menu items, but their presence on social media is a big factor. The infamous chicken sandwich wars of 2019 created quite the stir on social media, and Popeyes saw a 38% sales increase in the last quarter of 2019 as a result (via Restaurant Business Online). Not only does the brand itself need to be active on social media, but it goes a long way if they can create a menu item or even a sign that goes viral.

There have been a few "sign wars" between fast food businesses over the years that not only create buzz in the community they're in but on social media, as the content is reshared over and over. Chick-fil-A put its famously quirky signs to use in a sign war against McDonald's last year. McDonald's battle sign read, "We sell crispy chicken sandwiches on Sundays" (via Reddit). Chick-fil-A fired at McDonald's: "Our ice cream machines are always working." The chicken sandwich chain's latest attention-grabbing sign was not part of a sign war, but it was a hit with Monty Python fans on Reddit.

This Chick-fil-A sign looks like it was created by the Knights Who Say 'Ni!'

Chick-fil-A's welcome signs can be an entertaining marketing tool, even when there's a typo. The Chick-fil-A sign pictured above that reads "Schools out peach is ni," shows an obvious mistake, but Monty Python fans are here for it. The Knights Who Say "Ni!" are an iconic group of characters in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" who repeatedly say "Ni!" in a shrill manner and don't initially let King Arthur and his friends pass through the forest (via YouTube).

"Bring me a shrubbery," commented user lawschoolmeanderings, who was ostensibly referencing the part of the film where the Knights Who Say "Ni!" request a shrubbery in order for King Arthur and friends to continue their journey. "Brave Sir Robin would fit in with his coat of arms," said jzilla11. This Redditor sounds like a true Monty Python fan because Sir Robin's coat of arms is a chicken, which also reflects his scared nature in the film (via YouTube).

"SCHOOLS OUT PEACH IS ECKY-ECKY-ECKY-ECKUY-PIKANG-ZOOM-BOING-MUMBLE-MUMBLE," wrote billmcneal. We give this Redditor extra credit for the spelling on this one and for referencing the part of the movie where the Knights of "Ni" rebrand themselves to the "Knights of ECKY-ECKY-ECKY-ECKUY-PIKANG-ZOOM-BOING-MUMBLE-MUMBLE" (via YouTube). We doubt that Chick-fil-A expected such an impassioned response from a simple typo on a sign, but we can't say we are surprised to see this reaction from what sounds like a group of passionate Monty Python fans.