What Instagram Users Have To Say About Costco's Mini Lemon Cakes

When life hands some people lemons, they make lemonade. But when Costco gets its hands on this bright yellow, zesty fruit, the membership warehouse chain makes miniature lemon cakes. The grocery chain just "gets" shoppers' love of citrus during the warmer months, as the refreshing taste of lemon and lime is a perfect candidate for popsicles and other tangy sweets. Hankering for a key lime pie? Costco's returning version had Instagram blowing up over this seasonal dessert that weighs an eye-popping 4.25 pounds — enough to feed a small family for a week or a group gathered for a backyard barbecue. 

Clearly, the retailer gives an all new meaning to the phrase, "Go big or go home," with some of its "mini" offerings being anything but understated. A recent example of this is the chain's new not-so-mini Kirkland cakes, which have Costco shoppers taking to Instagram to share their thoughts and opinions about the sweet and tart treats.

Too sweet or just right?

Judging by the comments on an Instagram post that has received over 7,000 likes, Costco shoppers seem conflicted about the chain's mini lemon cakes, which are topped with a buttercream icing and sold in packs of six. It may seem surprising that there could ever be any division over a sweet, lemony cake, but it appears that not everyone is loving the Kirkland bakery item. One IGer wrote, "They looked delish and I love lemon but way too sweet unfortunately. (For me!)" Another fan concurred, "I ate half for breakfast and feel bad sluggish ALL day. I think the sugar might be crazy high and we won't know since no label."

Of course, not everyone minded the sweetness. One Costco shopper noted in their review, "There's nothing mini about these cupcakes. But they are seriously delicious." Another user shared a love of the single-serving desserts' generous size, writing, "Mini lemon cakes? I say amazing giant cupcakes!" In another social media post about the treats, a welcoming fan wrote, "Meet me there ASAP & bring drinks bcuz we're eating these in the parking lot! These won't last at home with the savages we live with." It does make us wonder: Are these not-so-mini lemon cupcakes among the best desserts you can buy at Costco? It's probably too soon to tell.