The Donut Brand WWE Fans Need To Know About

Donuts are a sweet and decadent treat most love to enjoy on weekend mornings when work week obligations are stagnant and the luxury of being a couch potato for an entire day is a real possibility. While enjoying a glazed donut, you may even indulge in some much-welcomed screen time. If you're a longtime WWE watcher and live in Los Angeles, you may want to consider a new donut brand the next time you order some cream-filled specialties through Uber Eats. The brand is now collaborating with two female wrestlers, one of whom is known for speaking up about LGBTQ wrestlers.

You may already be familiar with WWE wrestler Daria Berenato (stage name Sonya Deville), the first female wrestler to come out to the national public as a gay woman in 2015 (via TODAY). Berenato has already made some headway in her entrepreneurship by starting a clothing line in 2020 that shows her support for the queer community in partnership with Heavy Heart titled Rainbow Love.

Apart from promoting her clothing line on Instagram, Berenato has been busy on stage with dueling partner Amanda Saccomano (stage name Mandy Rose). While Saccomano has been busy off stage selling her personalized fitness app, the female duo has made another fruitful business from being on the road together and yes, it includes donuts.

DaMandyz Donutz

While a certain WWE announcer takes on a second unlikely job, Daria Berenato and Amanda Saccomanno are making moves with their new virtual donut business, DaMandyz Donutz. According to a press release, the female tag team released the donut line in partnership with Kitchen Data Systems (KDS) on July 27. KDS is a delivery-first company focusing on virtual business, and with the rise of food delivery since the COVID-19 pandemic, DaMandyz Donutz has a strong chance of performing well in the food industry.

This fiery duo isn't new slinging donuts either: Berenato and Saccomanno have been filming themselves taste-testing the best donuts in every state since 2018 (via YouTube). Their YouTube series had such a strong following, they created their own sweet treat venture. With flavors like the Blueberry Old Fashioned and the DaMandyz Donut which includes bright purple icing with neon pink sprinkles, the DaMandyz website also features branded iPhone cases and clothing items in support of being your true self while honoring inclusion.

The donuts are currently available through online ordering via Uber Eats and so far the public response has been through the roof. Berenato posted the release of DaMandyz on her WWE Instagram page and fans went wild. Some users already requesting more locations besides L.A. Berenato is an advocate and long-time supporter of the LGBTQ community and told Forbes she and Saccamanno may release a Pride donut next year while also adding more DaMandyz locations across the U.S.