Every Graeter's Ice Cream Flavor Ranked From Worst To Best

Graeter's is a gourmet ice cream chain based in Cincinnati, Ohio. For over 150 years, the brand has specialized in small batch ice cream made using the French pot freezer process. It only makes two and half gallons at a time, but the resulting ice cream has extremely little trapped air and exceptional smoothness. The brand's chocolate chips — which can be massive – come from a special recipe that keeps them soft in the freezer.

Available in ice cream parlors around the Midwest and sold in pints through several national grocery chains, Graeter's has steadily developed a faithful following beyond the borders of its hometown.

Flavors range from fresh fruit to candy-inspired creations. Odes to local sports teams dot the menu, too. There's something for everyone, but how well do your favorites rank on our list? Get your spoon ready. It's time to go digging for some chocolate chunks in Oprah's favorite ice cream.

42. Brown butter bourbon pecan

This ice cream does its job too well. It has a strong bourbon flavor, which makes it unappealing to kids and disappointing to adults. As one Graeter's fan pointed out on Reddit, bourbon is supposed to taste like lots of other things. That's the liquor's charm, and that means even top-shelf ice cream with bourbon flavoring tastes artificial.

You can't sip an ice cream like you can a glass of bourbon, and the alcoholic flavor is overwhelming, even though any actual alcohol is cooked out. It fails to deliver all the best parts of a great bourbon, and the intense kick makes it hard to enjoy anything else about the ice cream.

It may be the only Graeter's flavor that just doesn't taste good. It has too much bourbon for ice cream fans, and the flavor disappoints bourbon fans. Think of it as a failed romance. Ice cream and bourbon tried to make it work, but they just couldn't keep things together.

41. S'mores

A good s'more captures an experience. It's the quintessential campfire snack, the champion of cookout desserts, and an open flame's best friend. This is a special type of comfort food, and while many brands have tried replicating the blend of tastes and smells you only get from toasting a marshmallow over the fire, few have succeeded.

This ice cream does not succeed. It has all the basic elements: marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. It even looks kind of toasty with the light brown base, but it doesn't come together. A s'more really needs caramelized sugar and ooey-gooey ooze in place of a whole, solid marshmallow. Maybe, someday, someone will make a cold s'more that tastes like something you'd enjoy on a camping trip. Today is not that day.

If you like chocolate-dipped graham crackers or fancy cookies with chocolate-dipped marshmallows on top, this may suit your tastes. Don't come looking for s'mores, though. They stayed by the fire, and it's cold in the ice cream parlor.

40. Vienna coffee

Graeter's has several coffee-flavored ice creams, and this is the least inspiring of the three. It's infused with Arabica coffee beans, and those poor grinds are left to do all the work. While it's supposed to taste like a Viennese coffee, espresso served with whipped cream, they might've been a little heavy-handed on the cream half of their inspiration.

When an ice cream depends on a single flavor with no chocolate chunks or pie crust crumbles, that one flavor needs to deliver. According to disappointing reviews, these scoops have all the power of a watery pot of drip coffee rather than the punchy espresso buzz Graeter's promises.

Graeter's rarely gets negative feedback, and it's usually easier to find praise than condemnation. Their high standards (and high prices) mean customers expect a lot, though, and coffee lovers always take flavor seriously. Is it a bad bite of ice cream? Probably not, but it isn't particularly great, either.

39. Banana chocolate chip

The banana is a controversial fruit. Some find the tropical treat perfectly soft and sweet. Others think it's disgustingly squishy and can't stand the taste. It's this divisive nature that lands Graeter's banana chocolate chip so low on the list. While some fans crave it in the off-season, it's probably one of the ice cream brand's seasonal menu items for a reason. It has a following, but the fanbase isn't big enough to validate a place on the year-round flavor roster.

Some of those loyal fans have been disappointed with changes to the recipe, too. Several years ago, the ice cream included dark chocolate chips, and supporters claim the bitter edge of the chocolate balanced out the banana. Now, the ice cream includes milk chocolate chips, and they may leave an aftertaste that's just a little too sweet, even for those sweet on the product. When a niche flavor loses a chunk of its fans, it sinks lower on our rating scale.

38. Original Salted Caramel

Caramel pairs well with other flavors, like coffee and chocolate — or coffee and chocolate! How does it fair on its own, though? Graeter's original salted caramel ice cream is a prized flavor for the salty-sweet crowd. The "salted" part of the name matters, and fans call it out in reviews. Graeter's super creamy ice cream makes the perfect base, just as luscious as any soft caramel, and the flavor balance is on point.

This is a very good ice cream, but it's rarely the first one people reach for, which is why it sits so low on our list. Caramel, while delicious, is also very, very rich, and it appears people enjoy it more when paired with other, balancing notes. If you want to drown your senses with some salty sweet goodness, though, this may just hit the spot. You aren't alone. There are enough loyal fans to keep this flavor on the menu year-round.

37. Cherry chocolate chip

If you like your cherries candied and your chocolate dark, this is the ice cream for you. The cherry chocolate chip flavor serves up chopped maraschino cherries in cherry-flavored ice cream sharing space with Greater's famous chunks of chocolate. Imagine those chocolate-covered cherries you get in Valentine's Day boxes and you're pretty close.

It isn't a bad flavor combo if you really like cherries. You really, really need to like cherries, though, and since a maraschino usually appears on ice cream as a small garnish, the flavor of this pint can be a little overwhelming. There are two layers of cherry flavor, and the maraschino pieces pack a very sweet punch.

It's a fine flavor for maraschino devotees but just an okay cup of ice cream for everyone else. While Graeter's habit of shuffling seasonal and special edition menu items often breaks hearts, it isn't so bad when cherry chocolate chip steps aside for the next contestant.

36. Lemon sorbet

While a few fans insist Graeter's lemon sorbet is to die for, most forget it exists. Graeter's only offers a few sorbets, and they're easily overshadowed by the wall of ice cream flavors hanging over them. That said, customers who take the time to try it often discover the tart lemon makes for a refreshing change of pace.

It isn't a universal hit, though. This may be because people don't know the difference between a lightly-flavored Italian ice and a richer sorbet. Customers' diverse expectations influenced this item's place on the list. There may be some confusion over what to expect from sorbet vs. sherbet. What's the difference? Is it supposed to be a dessert or a palate cleanser? Judging by the rest of Graeter's menu, it's a dessert. That said, a lot of potential fans may be disappointed, one way or the other. The poor lemon sorbet can't meet everyone's demands, even when they do remember it exists.

35. Pumpkin

Everyone and their cousin has a pumpkin spice product in October and November. Graeter's is an exception only in that their ice cream is pumpkin rather than pumpkin spice flavored. Does that mean it has no cinnamon? No nutmeg? It does, but the pumpkin flavor rules the patch — or the pint.

The geniuses in Graeter's flavor laboratory decided that, like a pumpkin pie, this ice cream should taste more like pumpkin than anything else, and it does. The expected spices appear, too. You can literally see them in the cream, but they don't overshadow the actual pumpkin, which makes this flavor stand out in a market saturated in allspice and cinnamon (via Sean's Skillet).

Everything that makes this flavor unique can also be seen as a drawback. Some people like more spice than pumpkin, if they get any squash at all. The lack of mix-ins also limits the product. There is one texture and one texture only. No crunch, no chewy bits, not even a swirl of thick caramel or fudge distract from the almighty gourd.

34. Dark chocolate brownie

This ice cream is exactly what it says on the tin: dark chocolate ice cream with chunks of fudgy brownie mixed through. It's a kid's dream come true, but the dark chocolate gives adults an excuse to snag a cone, too. That said, it isn't the best Graeter's has to offer, no matter how appealing the premise sounds.

Because it's chocolate in chocolate, the brownie bits offer a change in texture rather than a punch of flavor. A little goes a long way, because it's extremely rich, and there are no surprises.

To be clear, this isn't a bad flavor. If you like chocolate, you'll have a good time, but when it's competing with Graeter's full menu of inventive and varied flavors, it just doesn't have as much to offer. It has one note, and it plays it very well, but some items higher on the list play an entire orchestra.

33. Strawberry sorbet

Graeter's caters to strawberry enthusiasts with several seasonal and rotating flavors. The strawberry sorbet falls at the bottom of the strawberry roster due in large part to the fact that people forget it was ever on the menu in the first place.

The pink sorbet features slices of real strawberries, but the whole flavor is so overlooked, it could almost be imaginary. Even the official listing on Graeter's website doesn't, at the time of writing, have a single review. If you search for it online, you'll see Graeter's other strawberry flavors jump to fill the gaps this flavor has left in the collective online palate.

The few who've had it insist it's tasty, and they praise the visible fruit in each bite. While it's a nice, light treat for a warm day, it doesn't appear to make a lasting impression, and light praise will only carry a flavor so far up the list.

32. Chocolate coconut almond chocolate chip

This chocolate ice cream hosts small pieces of almond that won't break your teeth straight from the freezer, shredded coconut, and milk chocolate chips. The flavor profile has a lot of moving parts, and that's its chief allure, but it also keeps it from greatness.

This flavor has a lot going on, and unfortunately, a lot of customers have strong feelings about nuts in their ice cream or coconut's place in desserts as a whole. Using milk chocolate chips instead of dark chocolate may hurt the flavor's ranking, too. A strong, dark note with a hint of bitterness might've paired nicely with the almonds and balanced the softly sweet base.

Because fans must love everything about this dish or leave it, the Graeter's flavor is just never going to have the fanbase size of other more appealing flavors. It's different, and it's ambitious. That wins it some points, but it doesn't have a lot of love, so it falls at 30.

31. Birthday cake

You can have your cake and lick it, too. Another flavor aimed at children but still enjoyed by adults, this product features cake batter ice cream with bits of vanilla cake chunks swirled throughout. It has sprinkles, too. They're arguably the most important ingredient, because they really sell the birthday angle. There are many cakes in the world, but not all deserve the title "birthday."

Loyal fans rave about this flavor, but they can't shout loud enough to make up for their small number. Do a lot of customers probably overlook this flavor the same way they ignore the children's section on a restaurant menu? It's possible, and it's not the ice cream's fault. Again, this is delicious ice cream, but most fans wouldn't call it Graeter's best. There's no reason you shouldn't celebrate a late or early birthday next time you see a pint in the wild, though. Just call it your unbirthday and dig in.

30. Double chocolate chip

If you eat a chocolate bar and decide it would've been better with more chocolate, this is the ice cream of your dreams. For everyone else, it proves it might be possible to have too much of a good thing.

Double chocolate chip ice cream from Graeter's serves up dark chocolate chunks in milk chocolate ice cream. It's all super creamy, and the difference between the two kinds of chocolate help make this spin on a classic a little more memorable, though the milk chocolate is a little weak (via Emperor Of Ice Cream).

From the first spoonful to the last, it's chocolate all the way down. Like the dark chocolate brownie flavor, this one suffers from a lack of variety. It has a lot of great chocolate but nothing else. Rich and indulgent, it gives chocoholics what they crave but fails to entice a wider crowd looking for more than a single note in their dessert's flavor profile.

29. Butter pecan

As nostalgic as it is comforting, butter pecan is a solid classic, and Graeter's old fashioned methods suit it perfectly. Every bite is creamy and sweet without a cloying aftertaste. The generous portion of pecans – all buttered, roasted, and salted – contrast well with the smooth base.

It is a fantastic butter pecan ice cream, but then again, butter pecan isn't exactly a super popular favorite ice cream flavor. Only 11% of people prefer this ice cream across all brands. This flavor usually gets name-dropped as a secondary favorite in reviews. Is it the ice cream's fault? Absolutely not. It does its job well, and not every flavor can be number one. That's okay. Butter pecan will always have its loyal fans, and since Graeter's goes above and beyond to make every mouthful the best it can be, it probably won't be leaving the menu any time soon.

Butter pecan is in its lane, living its best life, and if that happens to be in the middle of the pack, butter pecan has the good grace to accept facts.

28. Elena's Blueberry Pie

Named in honor of a young cancer patient and promoted every September to help raise awareness and funding for The Cure Starts Now Foundation, Elena's blueberry pie is a tearjerker of a flavor even if you hate blueberry pie.

The ice cream features a blueberry-flavored base and ramps up the love with bits of real blueberries and chunks of flaky pie crust. It's comforting and familiar, and the blueberry flavoring tastes like actual fruit. The pie crust is nothing to sniff at, either.

It isn't a bad flavor at all, but it lacks the clout of its more famous fruit-flavored siblings. This is a glowing example of the fact that there are very few bad flavors at Greater's, only less popular options. Part of the problem is limited availability. It's very good for what it is, but it lacks a draw for chocoholics, and people usually reach for something they already know they like.

27. Cotton candy

It says something about the quality of a company's cotton candy ice cream when adults enjoy it along with their kids. That may be because this ice cream doesn't just taste like sugar and blue food coloring. Fans on Yelp who steal a bite from their kids' cones insist it really does taste like cotton candy.

Crunchy bits of colored sugar spun through the blue, creamy base add a little crunch and texture. The pink sugar crumbles make each scoop a little more visually attractive, too. It's a childish delight, but it isn't cheaply made, and it delivers flavors reminiscent of sunny days at the county fair and long evenings at the amusement park.

Graeter's cotton candy ice cream doesn't take itself too seriously. It lands in the middle of the pack because it's very good, particularly for an ice cream flavor that only children usually enjoy. Still, this product has a lot of big siblings, and it can't escape their shadow.

26. Peppermint stick

This flavor doesn't mess around. The creamy base delivers the first pop of peppermint, and that alone would be enough to seduce most fans, but there's a surprise inside that divides connoisseurs.

What some love, others hate. Greater's is all about two things: rich flavors in its smooth, French pot ice cream and serious add-ins. As the name suggests, peppermint stick ice cream has actual peppermint candy shards. Some people do not like chewing their ice cream, and the bits of candy — while not as hard as a full candy cane — put up more of a challenge than a chocolate chip.

That said, people who enjoy Greater's peppermint stick ice cream seriously love it. Buyers on Influenster even stock up during the holiday season to sate their cravings for the rest of the year. It's a minty fresh treat worth trying, but it's hard to fault someone who worries for their enamel.

25. Salted caramel chocolate chip

This is the big brother of Graeter's Original Salted Caramel ice cream. The salt and caramel play well on their own, but adding dark chocolate chips makes a world of difference. A variety of textures and flavors blend for an exciting spoonful. The mellow caramel provides a solid base, the dark chocolate provides a bittersweet edge that prevents things from turning sickly sweet, and the salt delivers a final pop.

It's as rich as a millionaire's shortbread. Just exchange the buttery shortbread for French pot ice cream and you have your golden ticket.

One of Greater's best salty-sweet creations, it doesn't get name-dropped very often by fans, which is why it can't compete with the heaviest hitters (via Trip Advisor). It's still an indulgent treat, and if you're looking for something that will make you feel like you're living in the lap of luxury for a chill minute, this may be a great pint for you.

24. Dutch milk chocolate

This is one of Graeter's key flavors. It's a cornerstone they use to build out their other products. The exquisitely smooth texture works in perfect harmony with the lush, milky cocoa. The truth about chocolate is that it's far more varied than people think, and this is a particularly creamy example.

One of the reasons this icon of the brand sits mid-tier is because Graeter's sells gourmet ice cream, and gourmet in this context means expensive. Lots of other flavors wield a fantastic chocolate base, and everything you love about the simple Dutch milk chocolate you can enjoy with mix-ins. Even in Cincinnati, the brand's hometown, a pint will set you back nearly $6 at Kroger at the time of writing. Other flavors, many with chips, fruit, and baked goods added, cost the same. A great chocolate ice cream deserves respect, but is it as likely to fly off the shelf as a great chocolate ice cream with candy?

Still, a classic is a classic, which is why it beats out many of the chocolate ice creams with more controversial mix-ins.

23. Strawberry chocolate chip

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and based on reviews from Trip Advisor, fans of this ice cream turn up in droves when it makes its annual return to the seasonal menu. It's easy to understand why. Unlike many cheaper alternatives, the strawberry flavor here actually tastes like the fruit, and it isn't overwhelming. Some even say there isn't enough of a strawberry kick, but at this point on the list, no ice cream is perfect.

Graeter's phenomenal dark chocolate chips make it even better. The tart strawberry plays against the slightly bitter chocolate, but they're both sweet enough to get along. It's a lovely combo that no one has time to get tired of it, since it isn't always available.

Although the fans for this product are loud, proud, and fairly common, they haven't been able to pressure Graeter's into making this flavor a regular menu item, which says a lot. It's a dreamy treat, but maybe the strawberry isn't strong enough, or maybe it's best in small doses.

22. Cookie dough chocolate chip

Note the name. This is not chocolate chip cookie dough. The cookie dough and the chocolate chips are separate, though there are enough of both mixed through the creamy vanilla ice cream to ensure a bit of each in every bite. The vanilla, chocolate, and cookie dough make a happy trio, delivering everything you'd expect, even if the chocolate is a free agent, living apart from the dough.

The brand is known for its wild and somewhat random distribution of chocolate chips and chunks (via Emperor Of Ice Cream). That works particularly well with this flavor. It comes across as playful.

It's delicious, but it's a hard flavor to mess up. While Graeter's does it well, it isn't the only company with an outstanding chocolate chip cookie dough recipe. This is the safe bet, the tried and true friend at the ice cream parlor, and it's earned a safe place in the middle of the pack.

21. Oregon Strawberry

There are strawberry ice creams and then there is Graeter's Oregon Strawberry ice cream. This is one of the pickiest, most refined strawberry flavors you'll find on the market, because the makers are incredibly picky about the ingredients.

Of all the seasonal menu items Graeter's juggles, this one makes the most sense. According to the company's website, the strawberries mixed with the French pot ice cream to make this distinctive flavor come from a particular collection of family farms in Willamette Valley, Oregon. They're chosen specifically for their flavor and texture when frozen, so they shine bright in every bowl and waffle cone.

It's amazing ice cream, but Graeter's has a lot of tremendous flavors. Even if it's one of the best strawberry ice creams on the market, it only has a limited window of time to compete with the heavy hitters, and they're all amazing, too.

20. Boldly Bearcat

As reported by local news outlet WLWT, this ice cream was crafted as a limited edition flavor to celebrate the University of Cincinnati's 200-year anniversary. The Boldly Bearcat flavor grew into such a hit that it joined the regular menu. The mascarpone base contrasts beautifully with Graeter's classic chocolate chips and crushed Oreo cookies.

Part of the flavor's popularity comes from local support for the university sports team it's named after, but it's also delicious. The candy and cookie combo is a beloved mix many ice cream fans add to sundaes at other ice cream parlors. This flavor cuts out the middleman. The Oreos are also perfectly soft thanks to the ice cream-making process.

The creamy base prevents chocolate overload while still appealing to chocoholics. It also hits the sweet spot between grown-up and childhood indulgence. Is it the most original mix on the menu? No, but it's so well-loved that the fans forced it on the regular menu, so it's above average.

19. Black cherry chocolate chip

Black cherry chocolate chip is kissing cousins with black raspberry chocolate chip, one of Graeter's most famous flavors. It has the chocolatey chunks and a punchy fruit flavor to boot. Unlike some of the brand's other fruit flavors, this one isn't just ice cream flavored like black cherries. It has chopped bits of cherry mixed through with the chocolate. There's probably more cherry than chocolate, to be honest.

Its distance from the top is probably due to everything that makes cherry fans love it: the extreme amount of fruit. Cherries just aren't for everyone, and this ice cream refuses to take the middle road, so it's all aboard the cherry express or nothing.

It's worth noting some customers on Reddit have also come across pints that lack much in the way of chocolate. Since Greater's is renowned for its chunky chips, any flavor found in the wild with a dearth of chocolate must lose some points, even if it is a one-off manufacturing error.

18. Cinnamon

Cinnamon ice cream? Why is this in the top 20? Because it's something you'll struggle to find somewhere else. Although a few other brands make cinnamon-flavored ice cream, they can't get it as creamy as Graeter's can (via On Second Scoop).

Once again, the French pot process is here to save the day. The one thing Graeter's ice cream never becomes is watery. While other methods can leave ice cream tasting a little more like ice than cream, this brand never does. Cinnamon is a tricky flavor to nail, but this one sings with just a hint of heat.

Flecks of spice fill each scoop. No one got stingy during churning. The only drawback is, of course, you have to really like cinnamon as a solo flavor to get into this product. If you like spicy candy or want a zippy contrast to a traditional pumpkin spice product, give this one a try.

17. Midnight Snack

Fans resurrected this flavor from the dusty pints of history, and it's little wonder why (via WLWT). It's full of candied blessings. In true Greater's fashion, all the toppings are already mixed in. These include peanut butter cups, chocolate-covered pretzels, and brownies. Imagine an ice cream with all the things you desperately want after a long night out, and you have Midnight Snack.

A little salty and very sweet, it has crunchy bits and soft, chewy morsels to keep a sleepy mind occupied and a sleepy mouth smiling.

Despite being a fan favorite, it isn't always on the menu or available in the freezer section. The powers that be at Greater's like to keep things fresh by withholding prized flavors for special occasions or specific seasons. That costs this flavor in the rankings, because the fewer people who get to try it, the fewer fans get to fall in love. Also, while it's a shining example of a monster cookie-style dessert, it isn't as original as some of the top picks.

16. Eggnog

If you love the flavor of eggnog, but it just isn't creamy enough when you drink it from a glass, you're going to love eating it with a spoon. This seasonal holiday flavor takes full advantage of Graeter's high milkfat content to deliver a lightly spiced, gently sweet, entirely comforting bowl of eggnog.

If you squint, you can see a little seasoning in the light yellow cream (via On Second Scoop). You can also just trust your taste buds. This product strikes the perfect balance of flavors, relying on the quality of the ice cream to do some of the heavy lifting rather than going overboard on sickly sweet additives. It tastes like eggnog because it doesn't taste too much like eggnog.

It's the kind of treat most desired and appreciated at a certain time of year, and who's to say if it would be as popular in the summer as it is in December. It lands here on the list because it's a niche flavor.

15. Caramel macchiato

A good caramel macchiato is a great way to kick off the week, and Graeter's caramel macchiato ice cream is a beautiful way to launch the weekend. It begins, as all great macchiatos must, with espresso. The rich ice cream base holds nothing back. It practically sings "Good morning," it tastes so much like coffee (via Pittsburgh City Paper).

Swirls of caramel keep it sweet, and bits of toffee add some crunch for texture. If that isn't enough to satisfy your caramel cravings, don't worry. This flavor has milk chocolate caramel truffle, too. It's a sophisticated ice cream that suits adult palate without sacrificing fun – which ice cream should always be.

When you can't decide if you want coffee or ice cream, this hits the spot. It's also a fantastic afternoon pick-me-up when it's so hot outside just the thought of hot coffee makes you sweat. Love Starbuck's sweeter drinks? This is the dessert for you.

14. Peanut butter chocolate chip

Peanut butter and chocolate are the best friends of the dessert world. They can survive apart, but they do some of their best work as a team. This is a shining example. What's inside? Nothing you wouldn't expect, and in this case, that's perfect. Each pint features peanut butter ice cream full of milk chocolate chunks. The label says they're chips, but we know the truth.

This is the treat you need when a peanut butter cup isn't enough. A fan on Influenster as well as David's Ice Cream Reviews, praise the texture, which suits these iconic flavors to a T. The thick ice cream lingers on the tongue, giving you time to savor the peanut butter as the chocolate slowly melts in your mouth.

Graeter's has a lot of chocolate chip flavors, and this one marks the turning point between the very good and the irresistible products in its category. It isn't quite good enough for the top 10, but it's close.

13. Madagascar vanilla bean

This simple flavor wins such a stellar rating because it highlights so much of what makes Graeter's ice cream unique. The thick, creamy results of the French pot process and Graeter's commitment to wonderful ingredients make the simple sublime.

For such a simple flavor, it has more to offer than you think. You can see flecks of the vanilla bean throughout, and each spoonful is packed with nuance. It's an ice cream you should sit with, eat slowly, and let melt in your mouth. There are no mix-ins to chew. Let the dessert do all the work.

It's the golden child in the eyes of Graeter's vanilla fans, and if a plain scoop of vanilla in a cone isn't your speed, just stop and consider the wonders of a superior vanilla ice cream on your next slice of apple pie, or how a bit of Madagascar vanilla bean can boost your home barista skills. An affogato depends as much on the quality of the ice cream as the espresso, after all.

12. Mint cookies and cream

Blending the joy of mint chocolate chip with classic cookies and cream, this treat delivers the best of both worlds. The minty base leaves a chill on your tongue strong enough to make June feel like November. You may even feel like a living AC unit as you breathe out after a few bites.

Because of the specialty, small-batch methods, the cookies are blended with the ice cream rather than thrown in as an afterthought at the end of the process. That makes them softer, so there's no crunch, but as pointed out by The Lantern, a lot of fans enjoy it that way. If you've ever dunked a chocolate sandwich cookie in a glass of milk, you'll understand the appeal.

It lands in 12th place because it doesn't stay on the menu long enough to have an enormous following. Graeter's giveth, and Greater's taketh away. If you see it, grab it, because you never know when it will grace the freezer shelves again.

11. Key lime pie

Graeter's seasonal Key lime pie ice cream uses real Key lime juice. Not only is it a fairly uncommon ice cream flavor, but the juice helps the final product actually taste like limes, not generic citrus. Chunks of grumbly graham cracker crust add some variety to the texture and contrast against the tart lime perfectly.

Key lime pie ice cream takes everything good about the brand's lemon sorbet and kicks it up a notch. Ice cream is Graeter's wheelhouse, not sorbet, and this product showcases the wonder of citrus, cream, and sugar blended with love. It's a bite of summer vacation.

This flavor is so popular it's one of a handful chosen to become an ale. When fans love an ice cream so much they want to share some beers with it, you know you're approaching the top. The ice cream is so good, some fans who love it don't even like Key lime pie. Turns out you don't have to enjoy the original to fall in love with the reboot.

10. Orange and cream

This product isn't made with orange juice. It includes real orange puree. Then, of course, there's the cream. It's all blended together into a smooth, vibrant ice cream that serves as the grown-up reinvention of a classic Dreamsicle.

It isn't orange sherbet. It isn't a sorbet. This is real ice cream with real oranges, and it proves, once again, that Graeter's knows how to handle citrus. While plenty of brands sell orange popsicles and other water-forward frozen sweets, this isn't a common ice cream flavor, and the name really says it all.

The dessert taps into nostalgia while delivering a decadent experience jaded adults can still enjoy. The only drawback is that this is a seasonal menu item despite fan calls for it to sit on the menu year-round. It's so good fans visit day after day when it's available to enjoy the treat while it lasts, because they know all too soon it will melt back into memory.

9. Coconut chocolate chip

When it's time to imagine yourself someplace warm, nothing transports the tastebuds quite like coconut. This flavor brings together Graeter's exceptional vanilla base, beautiful chocolate chunks, and just the right amount of chewy coconut flakes. The trio of wildly different textures and subtle differences in flavor team up for a lush experience best enjoyed at any time of year after a trip to the freezer section.

Coconut doesn't always do well in ice cream. If this brand has proven anything, though, it's that they know how to source great ingredients and integrate them well. If you are willing to do the chewing Graeter's chocolate chunks demand, you might as well enjoy some coconut in the mix.

This product just squeaks into the top 10 because coconut isn't everyone's favorite texture. If you're going to try a coconut ice cream, though, this is the one to experiment with. It also has a steady place on the menu with the Graeter's fanbase to justify its slot.

8. Chocolate chip

Sometimes, you miss the simple things in life, and that's the best time to indulge in some chocolate chip ice cream. It's Greater's, so you know those chips will be more like chunks, and if you're among the blessed few, you may find a giant chunk in your pint. This has just about everything that makes the Madagascar vanilla bean ice cream so beloved — minus visible beans — as well. Fans call the vanilla base mind-blowing.

When you don't want fruit, and you can't pick between busy flavors with extra mix-ins, this is a reliable friend. You know what to expect, and it exceeds expectations every time. It's a comforting treat everyone is happy with, even when it isn't their top favorite.

The pleasure of chocolate and vanilla chilling in perfect harmony is like "Romeo and Juliet" with a happy ending. It's a story of opposites attract. While everyone else argues over whether vanilla or chocolate is best, this ice cream knows the truth: they're better together.

7. Peach

Is there a more iconic summer fruit than a ripe, juicy peach? If you can't go pick some at an orchard, you can swing by the grocery store and get a pint of Graeter's peach ice cream. It's in our top 10 for a reason.

Peaches and cream stand as a classic dessert, and plenty of brands have tried their hand at a peach-flavored ice cream. Fans on Trip Advisor say Greater's stands out here with bits of real peach and the delicate balance of fruit flavors perfected over the last hundred odd years.

Like so many of its best fruit ice creams, this is a seasonal treat available around the time peaches are ripe. It makes sense to sell it when customers are most interested in a pint or scoop, and the whole premise of the seasonal menu lets Graeter's share a wider variety of delectable flavors. Still, it's always sad to see peaches fall off the menu, but it's comforting to know they'll grow back next summer.

6. Toffee chocolate chip

Graeter's toffee chocolate chip ice cream is a cult favorite. But, wait. Doesn't Graeter's already have a caramel chocolate chip ice cream? How are toffee and caramel different? Toffee, though a close cousin of caramel, has a distinct crunch all its own. The little pieces of candy also have a slightly more buttery flavor than caramel. Fans compare the ice cream to Heath bars.

Along with the toffee chips, this ice cream includes milk chocolate flecks and chunks. The candy bar comparison is pretty accurate, especially because Graeter's milk chocolate lacks the classic dark chocolate's edge. It's all smooth sailing until you hit the toffee. The chips of toffee are one of the crunchiest things Graeter's puts in its ice cream, and this flavor appeals not just for taste but for texture.

Though the pints can be hard to track down in some regions, it's a year-round menu staple in the brand's brick-and-mortar scoop shops. It's an ice cream for candy lovers and ice cream fans who like something to sink their teeth into. If you don't like to chew, don't worry. The toffee will melt in your mouth if you leave it alone.

5. Cookies and cream

This is a dream come true for everyone who lost cookies to the bottom of the milk glass because they wanted their Oreos just a little bit softer. You may even find a whole Oreo or two in your pint. You can consider it cosmic payback for all the cookies lost in your youth. Graeter's treats their Oreos like they treat their chocolate chips. The truth of Oreos is that they were made to shine in this dessert.

Graeter's nails the cream half of the name, too. This is one of their simple, straightforward flavors that capitalizes on the dense, smooth texture of their ice cream. It capitalizes on the French pot process to produce an ice cream so thick and creamy, you could almost mistake it for Oreo filling.

Pints are easy to find, easy to enjoy, and entirely too easy to finish in one sitting. Fans on Influenster love this one. It's the kind of childhood delight few people grow out of.

4. Mocha chocolate chip

The best of Graeter's coffee products, mocha chocolate chip begins with Graeter's own proprietary coffee blend. Arabica beans from Sumatra and Columbia team up with sweet cream to make the base. Turns out, good coffee makes good ice cream. Because this is a mocha, Graeter's needed to add chocolate, but they didn't bury the faint bitterness left by the coffee with milk chocolate. They trusted the sweet cream to tame the beans.

Dark chocolate chunks turn this from latte to mocha. It's an enchanting combo that accentuates the best of the coffee and all the great notes of Graeter's dark chocolate. The sweet cream plays mediator.

A menu staple, mocha chocolate chip always appears on ice cream parlor menus and turns up in most grocery chains that carry the brand. It's the best pint of coffee you'll meet in the freezer aisle, and if you like well-roasted beans or a bit of dark chocolate, you should be very careful. You may fall in love.

3. Mint chocolate chip

We've raved endlessly about Graeter's chocolate chips, particularly their dark chocolate. Because it's so soft straight from the freezer, it sometimes tastes and feels closer to a hard fudge than a chocolate chip. This flavor pairs the rich, slightly bitter chunks with sublime mint.

Mint is really hit or miss in ice cream. It tastes artificial, like toothpaste, or it's so refreshing you wonder if there are actual mint leaves in your food. Graeter's flavors this product with real peppermint oil. The brand doesn't cut corners, and it shines through. The mint tingles on the tongue, leaving each bite with a refreshing finishing note.

It's a classic that hits a lot of people's favorite notes with just enough complexity to stay interesting from the first spoonful to the last. If you're looking for a truly refreshing treat, this will chill your mouth and warm your heart. It's so good, it's converted fans who never thought they'd like a mint-flavored ice cream.

2. Buckeye Blitz Chocolate Chip

Named for the Ohio State Buckeyes, this flavor packs in a lot of state pride. It isn't just about the sports, either. In Ohio, buckeyes are both a poisonous tree nut and a delectable peanut butter and chocolate candy. Buckeye blitz pays homage to the team as well as the candy.

This flavor has a unique base that doesn't mess around. Graeter's knows people who want chocolate and peanut butter want the two tastes together in every bite, so they created a true chocolate and peanut butter ice cream. It isn't a swirl. It's both. Signature dark chocolate chips and chunks of peanut butter cookie dough add intense pops of flavor and a varied texture.

Fans enjoy the multiple peanut butter flavors in particular, and it's rare for a chocolate peanut butter ice cream to double down on the peanut butter side of the equation without throwing everything out off balance. This works, and it works well.

Don't worry. You don't need to cheer on OSU to dig this dish.

1. Black raspberry chocolate chip

Coming in at number one is Graeter's most well-known and best-loved ice cream: black raspberry chocolate chip. If you are from Cincinnati, or have heard of Graeter's before now, this probably doesn't surprise you.

The first key to enjoying this flavor is, of course, to try it. The second is to understand that black raspberries are different from red raspberries. They have a distinct flavor that's sweeter than a blackberry and a little tangy like a good raspberry.

In Graeter's ice cream, they are heavenly. They flavor the ice cream base, so you get the flavor in every bite. The dark chocolate chunks balance the sweetness and pair well with the faint zing. Wherever you find reviews of Graeter's, you will find fans praising black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream. Fans know it, love it, and don't hesitate to recommend it as the first Graeter's flavor new customers should try.