The One Thing About Magic Spoon Cereal That's Annoying Reddit

The creators of Magic Spoon set out to make a cereal that replicated the sweetness and taste of some of the sugary, carb-loaded favorites of their youth while still being healthy. They developed enticing flavors such as Cinnamon Roll, Maple Waffle, Cookies and Cream, Cocoa, and Peanut Butter, that — while they may not sound nutritious — are low-carb and high-protein (per Magic Spoon).

Magic Spoon can appeal to people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity because it is gluten and grain-free, as well as adherents of the keto diet who are avoiding carbs. Additionally, its cereals produce a sweetness without the use of cane sugar, corn syrup, or sugar alcohols that is suitable for people with diabetes (via One Drop).

According to SFGATE, its sweet taste is achieved through the use of allulose and monk fruit extract. Allulose is a low-calorie sugar that occurs naturally in fruits including figs and raisins (via WebMD). Monk fruit extract is a sweetener containing zero calories that is found in monk fruit, a round fruit grown in Southeast Asia (per Healthline).

While this sweeter, healthier alternative to the cereals of cartoon days past has drawn a lot of praise and rave reviews, there is one thing about Magic Spoon that seems to be annoying Reddit.

A sticky situation

Commenters on the Reddit forum r/Gestational Diabetes, a support community for people with gestational diabetes, responded to a poster's question about whether anyone had tried Magic Spoon cereal and what their thoughts were about the product. Redditors offered a common refrain regarding Magic Spoon's texture.

User strawbabies stated, "It sticks in my teeth but I really like the taste." Melliejayne12 shared her similar experience: "Agree, taste is good but sticks to my teeth and makes me nuts." Kurli05 corroborated these statements but added that it didn't deter them from eating it. "And yes, it really sticks in your teeth, but it's worth it, lol."

Contributors to the subreddit r/xxketo, dedicated to discussing the keto diet, echoed similar sentiments. HaydnsSecondHead said that they personally found the texture to be "off-putting," adding that their partner "can't get enough of it, even orders it in bulk." PreventFalls remarked, "I found it to be sticky and sort of like styrofoam." User dancetomusic described Magic Spoon as leaving a "bit of an odd leftover coating" in their mouth, but qualified, "I really enjoy it overall and the flavors are good."

Wirecutter agrees but notes that "the texture is a little hard to compare" to traditional cereals. So, if you can handle it sticking to your teeth, Magic Spoon seems to deliver on taste. Pour a bowl and watch some cartoons for the full nostalgic effect (per Phoenix New Times).