The Time Wendy's Created Dating Bios For Its Menu Items

Fast food chains have been competing for our loyalty since they popped up in the 1950s. The industry leader McDonald's has been defending its top spot against heavy hitters like Burger King ever since. Competition between the two franchises became known as the "Burger Wars" in the 1980s, precipitating a string of aggressive marketing campaigns attacking each other (via Twisted Food).

In January 1984, Wendy's became a threat to the market leaders with their funny, now legendary commercial featuring three older women. The "Where's the Beef?" campaign was so successful it increased Wendy's annual revenue by 31% and initiated a mercy for fans of the tagline. Democratic presidential candidate Walter Mondale even used the slogan in an attack against Democratic rival Senator Gary Hart in the 1984 presidential primaries, securing a spot in pop culture history (via EMBO Reports)

Per Sprout Social, companies have a vested interest in marketing to Gen Z. Referred to as "digital natives," the generation is attached to social media platforms. It's where they learn, play, and communicate with friends. Over the past several years, Wendy's has developed a reputation for its sassy social media presence, especially on Twitter. The company's short, creative, and interactive posts appeal to Gen Z, including the funny mock dating app they posted on TikTok.

Would you swipe right on Wendy's menu items?

According to Fortune Magazine, Gen Z represents half the people on Tinder's dating app. Since some Millennials that started swiping left or right are now off planning weddings, the older end of Gen Z between the ages of 18 and 24, are getting into the game. Poking fun at this dating style, Wendy's created a TikTok post with a POV of scrolling dating bios for a handful of menu items, giving viewers a chance to interact with the company and Wendy's a chance to ridicule the competition not-so-subtly.

The funny parody of our sad dating lives leaves Wendy's Baconator as the 'hot' victor and the 'generic burg' from the 'golden arches' rejected. Sorry, McDonald's. The salad and spicy nuggets were also featured. Comments from 284 users were largely requests for the chain's famous frosty, but when TikTokers commented that they'd "match with spicy nuggets," Wendy's responded, "Spice up your life, lol." Snarky responses from "The First Lady of Fast Food" has become a sought-after thrill for followers (via Rival IQ).

With nearly four million users, Wendy's Twitter account provides comic relief and two-way dialogue with its customers with a clever tagline — "We like our tweets the way we like our fries: hot, crispy, and better than anyone expects from a fast food restaurant." Known for their stinging tweets, everyone can be a target, as seen in Wendy's meanest tweets on National Roast Day 2021.