The Unexpected Ingredient That Will Majorly Upgrade Chocolate Ganache

For dessert lovers, chocolate ganache is quite literally the icing on the cake. Ganache is a hybrid frosting and glaze combination, which is thick and creamy and looks beautiful when drizzled on a cake. Ganache is made from only two ingredients: dark chocolate and heavy cream. According to The Spruce Eats, ganache is made by combining equal weights of cream and chocolate. The cream is typically simmered until hot, then poured over the chopped chocolate and whisked until smooth.

Ganache can be manipulated to be more liquid or more solid. It all depends on the ratio of cream to chocolate — more chocolate equals thicker and firmer; more cream equals runny consistency. One of the more unique ways to eat chocolate ganache is in truffle form. Chocolate ganache truffle recipes use cooled ganache that's rolled into balls and coated in cocoa powder. 

Liquid ganache, meanwhile, is commonly used to frost or glaze a cake. And recipe developer Eric Ngo has the secret to making the perfect silky ganache.

Butter makes everything better, including ganache

Eric Ngo's classic ganache recipe is simple to make at home, as it only requires three ingredients. Ngo uses semi-sweet chocolate chips, heavy cream, and unsalted butter. According to Ngo, "[Butter] add[s] an extra creamy texture and a richer taste" to this delicious concoction. As well as making it nice and creamy, Epicurious notes that butter enhances the shininess of the ganache. At this stage, the ganache is perfect for drizzling on a cake, brownie, or heck, even a piece of toast. If the ganache will be used as a stiffer frosting, it's best practice to leave it in the fridge until firm.

Ganache is often synonymous with dark chocolate, but Ngo notes that it can be prepared with white or milk chocolate. It can also be made with regular milk or milk options such as dairy-free, almond, or coconut, per 24 Carrot Kitchen

Chocolate ganache can be customized by adding citrus flavor or liqueurs, and Ngo recommends using the zest from fruit to avoid altering its texture. If adding in a liqueur, reduce the amount of cream by a few tablespoons. Ganache is a great tasting and easy treat to have on hand when the chocolate craving hits.