TikTok Is Shocked By The Prices At LA's Favorite Luxury Grocery Chain

As of this summer, food inflation was recorded to be at its highest point in 40 years, and food prices across the U.S. have been soaring as a direct result. Even grocery chains known for low-cost options have increased the price of some of their bestselling items. For example, some of Costco customers' food court faves — the cheap chicken bake and economical soda — have jumped in price by anywhere from 10 cents to $1.00. But while U.S.A Today reported that people throughout the country are facing serious money challenges due to the rapidly increasing cost of food, TikTok has uncovered a luxury grocery chain based in LA with prices that were sky high long before inflation took root.

If you thought that Trader Joe's was on the expensive side thanks to products like its nearly $5 Blueberry Muffin Mix, TikTok is here to introduce you to Erewhon Market. A grocery retailer that states on its website that it's dedicated to stocking its stores with organic items, The New York Times reported that Erewhon has become the place for influencers and celebrities to do their weekly grocery shopping. In fact, the store's chief development officer, Yuval Chiprut, fashioned Erewhon to look like luxury resorts and high-end clothing brands. The prices of the chain's food definitely reflect its high-class reputation. But how high-cost is Erewhon exactly? TikToker Katie Levans (@katie_levans) recently posted a video that answered that exact question.

TikTok can't get over these Erewhon products' insane price points

The video Katie Levans posted on TikTok consists of them taking viewers through the food aisles at Erewhon, which is one of the U.S.'s greenest grocery stores as well as one of the pricier options out there. Throughout the video, Levan paused on a variety of items to reveal what each one costs. The products in the TikTok were a $38 32-ounce bottle of maple syrup, a $20 milk gallon, a $23 16 oz container of yogurt, a $40 6-ounce bottle of hot sauce, a $23 16-ounce container of camel milk, a cup of $8 ramen, and a $25 64-ounce bottle of water.

TikTokers in the comment section had plenty to say about this Los Angeles-based market's notably high prices. One user wrote, "This is why their shelves are always filled." Another posted, "I really want to know what's so special about that water." One TikToker commented on the very existence of Erewhon, writing "i understand really expensive individual products but a grocery store specifically for them is so wild and dystopian."

Although TikTokers were flabbergasted by the cost of groceries at Erewhon, the grocery store chain's food court menu offers meals that aren't cheap, but don't cost quite as much as a $20 gallon of milk. According to the online menu for Erewhon's LA location, the chain's food court deals include a $14 Kelp Noodle Salad and a $10 Egg Tartine, among other options.