The Secret Menu Sparkling Water Fans Need To Know About

According to Grand View Research, sparkling water is a $30 billion industry that isn't slowing down anytime soon. In fact, it's expected to continue growing by 12% each year until 2028. Though the beverage is gaining popularity as of late, details of the fizzy discovery were first published in 1772 by Joseph Priestly, an English scientist who referred to his process for adding carbon dioxide to still water as "impregnating water with fixed air" (via Borg and Overström).

"It's a great drink to introduce if you're looking to cut out or decrease your soda consumption," nutritionist consultant Leah Kaufman told Everyday Health. "The bubbles make it feel like you're drinking soda." She believes the sudden rise in sparkling water can be attributed to the younger generation's desire to consume less sugar. "For many people who are trying to get themselves to drink more water, sparkling water is a more appealing drink."

If you're a fellow fan of seltzer waters, specifically the Aura Bora brand, there is some exciting news for you.

Exclusive sparkling water flavors that stand out above the rest

A spokesperson from Aura Bora reached out to Mashed to unveil a new secret menu. The press release states that several secret flavor drops will be available only to email subscribers, not offered online or in stores. The exclusive three flavors are Banana Bergamot, Guava Eucalyptus, and Mango Chili. According to the brand, Banana Bergamot is described as having a cream soda taste, Guava Eucalyptus tastes like "a tropical beach day," and Mango Chili's flavor is like a spicy margarita with a sweet mango twist.

Per Aura Bora, the taste and value of its beverage stand out above the rest because it uses herb, fruit, and floral ingredients rather than added sweeteners and citric acid. The company is also earth-conscious, using recyclable aluminum cans and donating 1% of sales to non-profits centered around climate change each year. With exciting new flavors to switch things up, maybe it's time to finally try out the seltzer hack you never knew you needed.