The Peach-Pitting Hack That Has TikTok Mesmerized

For some, biting into a ripe peach in the summertime, letting the juice drip down our chins, is a fond childhood memory. The warm-weather fruit is in season from April to October, depending on the state. While Georgia may officially be the "peach state," California produced 468,000 tons of peaches, valued at $308.3 million, in 2020 (via Agricultural Marketing Resource Center). 

With 300 varieties of peaches grown in the U.S., the fruit can be characterized by whether it's a clingstone, freestone, or semi-freestone, per Lane Southern Orchards. The pits in a clingstone peach "cling" to the fruit's flesh, making them hard to remove, especially with a ripening one. Clingstone peaches are sweet, juicy, and have low acidity. Freestone peaches have firmer flesh, and their pits can easily be removed by hand. Naturally, semi-freestone is a hybrid of the two. 

Whether cooking, baking, or canning a peach, you'll need to remove the pit first, which can be tricky and messy, especially with a clingstone. This is why people love the TikTok peach-pitting hack that uses an ordinary hand tool you probably have in your garage.

An easy home-made solution to remove pits from peaches

In just 15 seconds, TikToker user Lori Woosley demonstrates how to remove the pit from a clingstone peach using needle-nose pliers on their TikTok. Woosley inserts the slightly opened pliers into the top of the peach where the stem is and grasps the pit, rotating the pliers 90 degrees and freeing it from the flesh. They easily pull the pliers out, holding onto the pit with minimal waste. Getting the most use of their needle-nose pliers, Woosley also posted another video on their TikTok using the same technique on cherries, which they freeze for smoothie making.

The pitting hack wowed over 100,000 viewers. Even Padma Lakshmi is a fan of the pitting hack, as the celebrity chef reposted the viral video to her own Instagram account. Many commented that they were running to the hardware store to buy a pair of needle-nose pliers, calling Woosley "a grade-A, tried and true grandma." Fortunately, the hack works for other fruits like apricots and plums, as demonstrated by Bon Appétit on their Instagram

Having the proper needle-nose pliers to remove the pit from your fruit is essential, thanks to this genius idea. Try this technique to prepare your favorite peach-inspired dish or drink this summer.