The Best Costco Item To Invest In During Inflation, According To Reddit

Social media might not always have the best advice when it comes to deciding how to invest your money to fight inflation. After all, it was social media that invented the meme stock which is what Investor Place says sent stocks like GameStop and AMC soaring. However, just because some random advice from strangers on the magical internet might be bad, that doesn't mean you can't also learn a thing or two — especially during periods of massive inflation.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor says that the inflation of consumer prices is up 9.1%, which puts inflation at a new high over the past 40 years. Many experts are saying that one of the key ways to manage your money during an inflationary period is to invest. Financial expert Suze Orman suggests in her blog the value of I Bonds. "I Bonds (the I stands for inflation) currently offer a very high yield that has virtually no risk," she said.

More investing advice comes from huge names in the financial sector, per Market Watch, and some even propose that investing in Costco is good, despite declining share prices. But, when the question of investing was put to Reddit, members of the social media platform had other ideas.

Reddit says Kirkland Vodka is a great investment

One thoughtful Redditor posted on the Costco subreddit that the best investment during inflation was Kirkland American Vodka. Many were quick to agree, including one savvy investor who simply said, "Better than Bitcoin."

"I feel like it's like a best kept secret. Their vodka rocks, and is so damn cheap!" said one commenter. Others shared the same sentiment, with one even admitting "I pour my Kirkland vodka into a Tito's bottle. No one can tell the difference." Perhaps Kirkland vodka is so popular because, according to blind taste-testers, there's little difference between Kirkland and Grey Goose.

While many agreed that Kirkland vodka was certainly a wise investment in inebriation, a few questioned the poster's sense of fiscal value. "I recommend buying Kirkland Signature French Vodka," said one detractor, noting the difference between the French and American vodkas. "It's distilled five times instead of six, so it has more flavor. It's not as watery as the American vodka." Another suggested using the French vodka "for 20% booze popsicles," which some consider the Wall Street way to get your daily dose of vitamin vodka. However you choose to invest, or drink, please do both responsibly.