The Vegas Restaurant Bacon Lovers Need To Know About

Few foods summon the drool response quicker than a sizzling pan of bacon. Why do salivary glands react so quickly to these strands of pork? Apparently, this is due to two significant bacon traits. The Telegraph explains that the first is the "Maillard Reaction," a chemical response to heat that causes the release of "aroma compounds," in this case the "hydrocarbons and aldehydes" that are responsible for bacon's tempting trademark scent. The second is bacon's generous amount of nitrates, particularly in the fat. During cooking, it "deepens the meaty smell as it disintegrates." It's all very scientific, but the end result is a glorious aroma that makes you slobber. 

Clearly, this fragrance works. After all, over 16 million of your fellow citizens admitted to eating at least five pounds of bacon in 2020 (via Statista). And, even after indulging in all that fried pork, Americans sought out other ways to incorporate bacon into their lives. Time shares that back in 2014, Oscar Mayer provided winners (otherwise known as "bacon testers") with a special emitter that enabled their iPhones to release the smell of bacon. Yes, the Wake Up & Smell the Bacon app would wake the bacon aficionado, make frying bacon sounds, and waft this heavenly meaty scent. Seattle's J&D Foods once hired an artist to create a statue of Kevin Bacon made out of Bacon bits (per The Register). And thanks to a new Vegas eatery, you can finally satiate your need for this pork breakfast fare. 

Bacon Nation introduces the Reverse BLT

You read that correctly — a restaurant completely devoted to bacon will be hitting Las Vegas this fall. ABC's KTNV reveals that Bacon Nation will be on the newly remodeled second floor of The D, a Freemont Street casino. It promises to be like no other bacon-centric dining establishment, offering a whopping 14 different flavors including "lemon pepper, brown sugar, teriyaki, Cajun, jalapeño, buffalo, salt and vinegar, applewood bourbon, truffle, and chocolate-dipped" (per FoodBeast). Salt and vinegar bacon? Yup, it's now a thing. 

One of the eatery's claims to fame will be its original take on the scrumptious BLT sandwich. Called the "Reverse BLT," this offering involves a bun made of woven bacon meat "with bread in the middle" (via Eater). This is bound to have bacon enthusiasts more that a little curious. And, the Las Vegas Review-Journal says that the roughly 55 to 65 menu items will include an alcoholic milkshake named for Elvis that will feature peanut butter whiskey and be garnished with a "miniature peanut butter and bacon sandwich," the legendary singer's favorite. And Bacon Nation will be open 24 hours a day! 

With so many mind-blowing ways to showcase this beloved breakfast meat, bacon connoisseurs may want to add Bacon Nation to their bucket list. After all, nothing sounds better after a night of boozing, zip-lining, and taking in the sights of this iconic Vegas street than a mouthful of bacon.