Crumbl Cookies' New Flavor Takes Ice Cream To The Next Level

In a food climate where "more is more" seems to reign supreme, the tried-and-true cookie flavor of chocolate chip just isn't going to get folks running like it used to. Sure, chocolate chip cookies will always be loved, but in the current competitive market of national cookie companies, brands need to get bigger and bolder with their flavors. For Crumbl Cookies, off-the-wall desserts are a challenge it's not afraid to take on.

Founded in 2017, Crumbl makes an average of $1.7 million per store by attracting customers with an impressively vast selection of rotating, Instagrammable cookie flavors. Rolling out new and returning creations weekly, the brand has racked up at least 150 different Crumbl cookie flavors, according to those keeping track on Reddit. After all, if the consumer demands more variety, why not show how many different things you can add to a cookie?

Crumbl's newest flavors for the week of August 8 are inspired by carnival treats (via Instagram). While all of the flavors are unique in their own right, one does something especially unexpected with ice cream. Before we get into what exactly that flavor is, though, we just have one question for you: What would you say to some deep-fried ice cream?

Crumbl's new cookie is topped with bits of fried ice cream

According to an Instagram post made on August 7, Crumbl Cookies is launching six different flavors as part of "Carnival Week," with each flavor inspired by a classic summertime sweet. One flavor, however, seems to specifically take note from state fair booths, and it's called Fried Ice Cream. The flavor is described as being a "cinnamon cookie with smooth white chocolate buttercream and a fried ice cream streusel."

A fried ice cream streusel? How exactly can you fry ice cream? According to MasterClass, fried ice cream is simply balls of ice cream breaded in something crisp, such as cereal, and fried very briefly so the crust is hot but the interior is still cool and intact. Crumbl's cookie clearly doesn't have melty bits of ice cream on top, but it could perhaps be made with freeze-dried ice cream, fried and then broken up into a "streusel." The chain hasn't revealed the secret, but that hasn't stopped fans on Instagram from saying that the cookie flavor is "calling" them.

Other new flavors include Lemonade, a lemon cookie topped with lemon frosting and a slice of lemon; Old Fashioned Doughnut, made with nutmeg, brown sugar, and vanilla glaze; and Cotton Candy, decorated with a cotton candy-flavored frosting and popping candy.