The Best Bread At Subway, According To 46% Of People We Polled

From the website to defend Subway tuna sandwiches to the absurd number of Subway combos, the sandwich shop chain will certainly get people talking. And actually, absurd might just be an understatement: According to HuffPost, between all of Subway's breads, meats, cheeses, veggies, and dressings, there are more than 37 million possible combinations.

Sure, you can just order a sub straight off the menu with no customizations, but you can also order a sub from scratch. You can make your very own chicken bacon ranch sub, an egg and cheese sub, or even a loaded-with-meats flatbread (via The Travel). You even get to choose whether or not your sub is toasted. Considering how many options there are at each step of building your sub, Mashed decided to narrow it down to just the different bread options. We asked 546 readers to choose their favorite from Subway's lineup: 9-grain wheat, multi-grain flatbread, flatbread, Italian, and Italian herbs and cheese. The results might just surprise you.

What is America's favorite bread at Subway?

As most of us know, not all breads were created equal. Not even the five bread types at Subway can all experience the same amounts of love. In fact, they received staggeringly different ratings just within Mashed's poll.

A whopping 46% of survey participants said that the Italian herb and cheese bread was their favorite bread at Subway. Per the Endless Appetite, this bread is topped with Italian seasonings, as well as Monterey Jack and parmesan cheeses. The bread with the second highest rating? Regular Italian, with 23.3% of votes.

Third place goes to the 9-grain wheat bread, which is the Subway bread you should never eat if you're trying to avoid enriched flour. Regardless, 16.9% of survey participants said it was their favorite. Another 10.3% choose the multigrain flatbread as their go-to bread at Subway. And that leaves us with regular flatbread and a measly 3.3% of votes.