The Burger King Restaurant Detail You've Never Noticed

Tons of companies have hidden aspects that you might not notice at first glance, such as the number "31" embedded into the Baskin-Robbins logo to symbolize a different flavor for each day of the month (via CNBC). Similarly, the Tostitos logo shows an image of a chip being dipped into salsa at the top of the "I," and there's animal you've probably noticed in the Toblerone label.

Interestingly, sometimes your brain remembers something that was never there to begin with, which is known as the Mandela effect. According to Parade, some thought the peanut butter brand Jif was actually called Jiffy, and KitKat doesn't really have a hyphen between Kit and Kat as many believe. Recently, a Redditor posted a photo of Burger King's exterior that had people noticing something they've never spotted before, even though its presence isn't exactly new. Many people responded with surprise and compared the detail to other restaurant features.

A flippin' good observation

When a Redditor posted a photo of a Burger King "now hiring" sign, they didn't expect the focus to completely shift to another observation. The post read "Seen at local Burger King, thought y'all might appreciate," which likely referred to the pay rate beginning at $16.50 per hour. Though some comments stayed on topic, many others noticed that the door handles are designed to look like large spatulas.

"I do appreciate the spatulas for door handles," one comment said in direct response to the original header. Some commenters compared the door handles to others they've seen in the industry. "I know Tim Hortons around here used to have hockey stick stylized handles," one post read. Another said, "I miss when Long John Silver had swords for handles." One Redditor didn't believe the symbol was accurate to the brand. "No way they actually use spatulas to flip whoppers at BK."

Have you ever noticed the door handles? If not, be sure to take an extra look next time you're at Burger King.