Serendipity3's Answer To The Choco Taco's Discontinuation Is So Luxe

The Choco Taco's cancellation has been making waves across the internet. The reasoning behind the treat's removal from shelves was a bit suspect to fans, with Klondike alluding to the fact that it simply was not popular enough to justify supplying demand against other, more coveted products in its arsenal. (However, some steadfast fans are holding out hope the Choco Taco will come back after seeing Klondike's tweet about a potential return.)

But until then, many companies are working to create solutions to the cold hole this ice cream left in customers' hearts. And Serendipity's might just prove to be the most extravagant. The NYC staple is known for its over the top desserts, including its $200 french fries made with several forms of truffle and 24-karat gold, along with the time it served a Frrrozen "Haute" Chocolate worth around $25,000. So one can only imagine the royal treatment it has in store for the Choco Taco. 

A hot take on the frozen taco

With the months quickly flying by and National Taco Day fast approaching on October 4, Serendipity has a ton of time to perfect its Choco Taco copycat. But it seems the company is already onto something. Time Out New York has already reported on the treat, noting that it will cost upwards of $100 and will only be available on the day of the national holiday. 

The Takeout describes Serendipity3's Golden Taco as a "golden opportunity" made with "house-made waffles, Serendipity's signature Frrrozen Hot Chocolate Ice Cream, and ruby chocolate," and to top it all off, its signature "23k edible gold." The company has also already announced the expensive yet enticing treat to followers on Instagram, bringing in a slow but positive reception from fans. One noted that the treat looks "delicious" and another mentioned that "this would be the best way to celebrate" their birthday. It looks like National Taco Day is about to get a little sweeter.